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Spirit Secretary, Medium Karen Zemanek Reviews

Submitted by Judith Martin on 08/08/2022

What a wonderful session!

I recently had a wonderful zoom session with Karen. First of all, Karen herself, has a very gentle and respectful manner. She explained very clearly how she conducts her sessions and she answered my many questions fully and openly. I was really attracted to the uniqueness of her sessions. She receives messages from a spirit who wants to get in touch with the person asking for a session. In my case, it was my mother who had passed on 9 years ago. Karen then listened to my mother's words and wrote down the message in a letter form. She then read the letter to me. It was reassuring because much of the language was exactly in my mother's style. After that I discussed the letter's contents with Karen and through our discussion, I gained new insights. Karen sent the scanned letter via email and the original by snail mail so that I have the original letter in Karen's graceful style. I leave the letter on my desk and read it often; it brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

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Yes, You Can! An Introduction to Spirit Communication Group

Our satisfaction level is very high. We really enjoyed the camaraderie of the group and learned so much from everyone’s different perspectives and personal experiences. We don’t have any suggestions as we don’t know how you could improve on the wonderful experience you brought to us.

Submitted by Gwen D. on 08/30/2022

Grateful , Insightful, Supportive

Amazingly Helpful and supportive. Very intuitive and compassionate. I highly recommend contacting Karen to hear from your spirit supporters. Grateful for the insights.

Submitted by Judi Oakes on 01/04/2022

Gratitude and Gentleness

Karen is so obviously connected, kind and gentle in her practice. I experienced deep and true connection.

Submitted by Jennifer Oakes on 09/14/2021