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The Loving Aether - Sound Healing, Rose Healing & Reiki with Janette Reviews

Submitted by Beth Langford on 05/24/2024

A Unique Reiki Experience

Wow, what a unique Reiki experience! Janette starts you on a visualization journey which you then continue with on your own. I was in a sea of love with a joyful, loving energy that swooped me up into a dance over and under the water. I felt energy being released from my hips and a deep sense of relaxation. Thank you Janette. I will definitely sign up for another Reiki session!

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Love These Rose Initiations!

I am delighted and moved by experiencing Janette’s 3 Rose Initiation sessions. Each time as soon as she started I felt energy come flooding into my body, tingling all over, and great emotion as tears flowed in joy and longing to stay forever in that space! I highly recommend anyone who wants to align themselves with higher frequency beings to do these sessions with Janette. She is definitely a chosen channel for them.

Submitted by Heidi Broward on 06/18/2024

Love, Love, Loved My Sound Bath Experience With Janette!

I very much enjoyed my Sound Bath session with Janette. I had never experienced this type of session before and was truly delighted with how deeply relaxing I found it. Janette was professional, never rushing and willing to answer questions before and after the session. I look forward to my next one!

Submitted by Gina on 03/27/2023