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The Spirit of Healing - Shamanic Healing, Candle Services, Compassionate Spellwork with Rae Reviews

Submitted by E M on 05/16/2022

Connecting with my creative self

My experience working with Rae affected me deeply. She is a gifted witch and shamanic practitioner who created a safe comfortable space during our session. Retrieving my power animal gave me a sense of completeness and strength, and her insights following this have helped guide me through a difficult transition. I have more courage to let go of things that were holding me back and can more clearly see how I can reconnect with my creative self and find my playfulness. Thank you Rae!

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Finding my guide

The ceremony was very personal and intimate. It continues to resonate with me and opens more doors any time I take a moment to reflect and engage with it again. Wonderful.

Submitted by Neil on 05/12/2022

A truly gifted healer

Working with Rae has been such a profound and impactful experience. I have learned so much and have found a great deal of healing, wisdom, and empowerment in the insights she has given me. It's been amazing to work with someone who is not only such a gifted shamanic practitioner, but also someone who approaches each session with such empathy, kindness, and care, alongside her deep wisdom and knowledge. Meeting Rae has truly been a gift!

Submitted by Courtney R on 05/11/2022

Shamanic Power Animal Retrieval

Rae is compassionate, kind and truly has a gift to share! I am in the middle of a major life transition, so the power animal we retrieved resonated strongly.
I feel loved, protected and ready to start my journey, knowing I am being guided. Thank you Rae, I am grateful for the work we did together.

Submitted by Margo on 05/01/2022