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3 things you must do to allow love and trust to come into your life - Part 1

This video is done in two parts because I ran out of storage AND after watching this video back before I published I see that I've said "um" A LOT.  I apologize for this and if you can watch past all the 'ums' I hope you'll get lots of good stuff from the two video's.In the recent past I created a video on relationship attachment types.  

One of the types, in particular the Fearful Avoidant, has received a lot of views and comments.  

There are 3 things I want to talk about that will move you beyond what has been keeping you hostage in love and romance.My video storage became full so watch Part 2 as well.I hope you find these two video's helpful.I love to read all your comments.  If you resonate with my video's please like share and subscribe.If you would like some help changing your current reality email me at: 

Video Series links:

Fearful Avoidant -

Ambivalent Anxious -

Avoidant Resister -

Secure and Stable -

Sending you lots of love, light, and all things beautiful!  

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