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The Healing Nest Reviews

Submitted by El on 02/24/2022

I love the Harmonic Egg! It is my new best friend...

I love the Harmonic Egg! It is my new best friend with every visit unique and powerful. Sometimes subtle yet all necessary shifts and releases occur.

With an open heart and quiet mind, I felt "cracked open" after my first session. I went home and painted a painting after a 2 hour glorious nap! It had been a year since I felt creative.

We are blessed to have this modality in Nanaimo. Thank you Linda for creating the Healing Nest. It is
a destination place. Being welcomed by you 2 lovely ladies is a bonus.

Lots of love, El

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Loved the session!

Thanks so much for the session in the Egg last month - it was the best part of an already great week & I hope other people discover it! I love it that you have two places now, in Nanaimo & Victoria! See you soon & keep up the good work!

Submitted by Ian Byington on 09/24/2022

One of the most amazing things I have experienced

My Harmonic Egg session at The Healing Nest was one of the most amazing things I have experienced on my healing journey to date. Truly otherworldly! The combination of just the right selection of music
(transformative and relaxing!), the colour of the light (green for me!), and the chair that makes you forget you are in a body. At one point, I was filled with so much joy, it felt like my heart was expanding into the universe. It was the perfect combination of complete relaxation, overall calmness, and some incredible insights. When Linda quietly and lovingly opened the door, I felt like I had been "hatched" into another dimension. I will definitely be back for another session. What Linda and Veronika offer at the Healing Nest is nothing short of miraculous!!

Submitted by Debbie on 07/21/2022

Amazing, The Harmonic Egg

Myself & My 15 year old daughter have been going in the Harmonic Egg at the Healing Nest monthly for about 5 months now. We both have experience different things, my daughters sleeping has been much better. Myself, I had and unexplained rash that has gone away.
I highly recommend it to anyone who is open to trying something new. I feel like this is for anyone who is opened minded and interested in natural healing, medBeds, natural medicine, meditation. We are all energy. We are frequency, we are able to heal ourselves if you believe.

Submitted by Taneal on 05/30/2022