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How does the Spirit of Victoria
connect you to people?

Here's how!

When you post your profile in the SOV Directory, we want people to find it, 
and to find you! Connection is the foundation of why we’re here! 
All this for $10/month:

Your awesome profile!

Your profile alone has multiple ways people can contact you – the easy-to-see, easy-to-find message button at the top of the page, your phone number at the top of the profile, and through your own website, which is the first link readers see on the profile.
They can connect through your social media platforms, prominently shown on your profile.

• Your profile can also be found through events that you post on SOV, special offers/coupons that you post, and the reviews & testimonials that you receive.
Scroll through the front page to get a taste of these!

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Getting the word out!

Here’s what we do:

• We maintain a steady Facebook presence with our own Facebook page, which re-posts directory members’ events, which are then reposted again to other related Facebook pages: facebook.com/sovnews/

Instagramtoo. Ditto: instagram.com/spiritofvictoriadirectory

Email newsletters, weekly – highlighting members & events

• We attend nearly all the metaphysical fairs in the area, with a booth & information handouts all day…in nearly five years we have handed out nearly 7000 business cards & brochures.

• “Postering the town” with business cards & flyers about SOV, every two months

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Finding SOV...

How do people find the SOV in the first place? Several ways….

Google & search engines – after  five years on the Internet, the SOV Directory & News comes up fairly well, organically

Google AdWords: A certain percent of each month’s earnings are folded
back into outreach with Google AdWords to help drive customers to the Directory

Facebook sponsored listings: Our most effective way of
getting people to the Directory & Events pages

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Thank you for your support! Only $10/month to get posted! 
Questions? Contact Ian at 778-265-3014 or sovnews9@gmail.com