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Kind Words for Spirit of Victoria

What people say:

People who use the site to find practitioners:

 • It was great to find this amazing resource! I needed guidance about some personal issues, looked in Google and there you were - I found a reader in no time and had an appointment two days later. Thank you for what you're doing! - Irene T.

 • So easy to use, so fun to explore, so wonderful to come back to! Glad SOV is here for us! - Ginger B.

 • Can't believe it's been seven years since you started in 2015 - I check SOV once a week to see what new specials & events have been added. Thanks for keeping us all up to date! - Lee A.

Practitioners & bodyworkers who use the site to find clients:

 • Thanks for creating this amazing directory for our community and beyond.  - 

• The SOV is the best directory in Canada! I love it! - Andrea Zonnis

 • This site is a wonderful way to keep in touch - thanks! - Lori T.

 • In my long time experience of my helping clients with their conundrums and life stresses, I have had a variety of advertising media that I have used. Now, I go back a loooong ways, so I do know what has worked well and what has not. 

When first coming to Victoria and connecting with 'my tribe,' I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Ian who told me about this Directory. I took him up on the offer and I have been ever so happy to have made that decision. Spirit of Victoria - is exactly what it says -- it carries the Spirit of helping all those who participate within its format that work within a like-minded community of practitioners. 

Its success was again proven to me last week when I had a fellow connect with me saying he found my name in S.O.V. over a year ago, and had kept my name for a future reading session. We had our session last week. If you track your advertising and you have this sort of result - you know you have your business listed in the right place. Thank you, Ian and Spirit of Victoria for giving all of us such a professional and notable platform from which to advertise our heart-centered businesses. In Gratitude - Gwendolyn, Clairvoyant & Self-Performance Coach

 • A great person, entrepreneur and techy. I value Ian’s services within our community and am overly grateful for his helping hand, his services and building community within spirituality. I believe we are all able come together with ease because of Ian. He is amazing at bridging the gap between practitioners and clients in need. Thank you, Ian, for being you, you are one of a kind. - Nicole Powell: Spiritual Medium