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Niki Hughes - Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist & Energy Balancer @ Elemental Balance Reviews

Submitted by Jessica Sault on 08/31/2023

Indigenous and Generational Trauma released

Generational trauma of shame, humiliation, self-hatred and a sense of not belonging were released in my first session with Niki. When she said it was permanent and fast, she meant it. I have lived with variations of residential school trauma for over 60 years. In one session I am free of it and it is permanent. Her therapy methods heal young and old. I recently introduced Niki to a 19 year old who just fled from a long term foster home. With the help of Niki she did not go to the streets but has stood all the way up and tackled her childhood issues. I am forever grateful for Niki for, not only helping me, but for traveling to help some of my family who are all riddled with residential school trauma. Her therapy works and I walk with more joy in my life with no inner voices bringing me down. Tleko, tleko

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A Transformational Experience

I recently had the most amazing energy balancing session with Niki. She is so respectful and gentle, I felt completely honoured and lovingly cared for. After the session I felt totally alive in every cell, and more deeply relaxed than I have been in years. A truly beautiful experience!

Submitted by Annette Shaw on 09/22/2021

Positively Life Changing

There aren’t words in the English language to adequately express the immense gratitude, love & respect I have for Niki Hughes. Losing my best friend two years ago, I was thrust into a whirlwind journey to discover the truth that is around us that the eyes can’t see, but the heart and soul feel. Niki is the real deal. She is highly skilled, experienced, compassionate & incredibly positive. She loves people & has a thirst to help, guide & nurture. I'll continue to work with her via Zoom after I move. This process has not only humbled me, but lit a fire inside of me. I want to do more & be more. Knowing that my soul chose this life in this time period, to help the ones I love the most find happiness is so powerful. Nothing is an accident or a coincidence. Niki has given me countless gifts that I am able to share with those I love.

Submitted by Laura Nelson on 07/05/2021

A wonderful experience

I needed to make a change in my approach to a chronic illness and working with Nikki was just what I needed. She helped me make some profound shifts in my energy and my emotional and mental health. She also provided tools that I can continue to work with. Very uplifting and effective!

Submitted by Zoe Coyote on 10/21/2020

Great session!!

There's a lot to like about a session with Niki - starting with a thorough visit beforehand about both what to expect from her & a review of what you're looking for (I went to see her for a past life regression.) The session itself was both revealing & useful, and I have found that the information (and feelings) that we uncovered are still with me, and have led to some interesting discoveries about the way I do things. Her even-handed, comfortable way of offering hypnosis & warm practice space left me looking forward to the next session! Check Niki out - you'll be glad you did!

Submitted by Ian on 03/07/2019