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Tarot with Alison Spokes Reviews

Submitted by Light & Energy Wellness Events on 04/02/2024

A Pleasure and a Delight!

Having Alison as an Exhibitor at our Light & Energy Wellness Symposium was an incredible bonus for us. Knowledgable, caring and insightful I enjoyed every interaction I had with her. Alison's booth was at the front of the room and you could not help but be blown away when you walked in and saw her beautiful, out-of-this world, Fantasy Artwork. I just had to take a couple pieces home with me!

As Event hosts, we like to interact with as many attendees as we can and we got wonderful feedback for Alison's Tarot Card Readings. "Incredible", "Insightful" and "Amazing" were some of the things said.

We would love to have Alison come back to any of our upcoming Events and I personally can't wait to get a Tarot Card Reading from her. Thank you Alison for bringing your unique and magical presence to our event!

Dianna and Donna

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Powerful & Insightful

I absolutely loved my reading and thought it was very powerful and insightful. The information was very useful and relevant. I was skeptical about an online reading, but my reservations have been erased. I am keeping all of the information in my head to guide me through my days. Thank you so, so much for your work, Alison. I am very grateful.

Submitted by Christina on 02/12/2024

Inspiring Reading

The reading from Alison was very inspiring. It reminded me of my forgotten dreams a decade ago. I am glad I found her. Also, she got to the point without waffling which was actually what I wanted.

Submitted by Shan S on 12/19/2023


Her Twue Wuv tarot reading honestly blew me away with the accuracy! It actually helped me understand my feelings at a deep level that only make sense to me! Alison captured all the energies that surround this relationship, and whether it develops further or not, I’m at peace because I feel energetically validated.

Submitted by Kendall on 05/01/2023

A positive experience

Alison was able to clearly explain each card how it had and could be in the future affecting my life. Of course I will have an affect depending on how I view the situation at the time it is presented in my life.
Alison gave a clear picture of what the past year has been and what the future holds for me.
Thank you for reminding me to take a moment to sit, catch my breathe and be thankful. Positivity attracts positivity

Submitted by Melissa on 04/10/2023

Defense Against the Dark Arts

This is the second online reading I have had be Alison. I find her readings to be very insightful. They give you a lot to think about and ponder. The first reading I by Alison was a romance reading. It was accurate and gave me strategies on how to address problems I was having. The second reading pertained to the spiritual awakening I am going through at this time. I have read this reading a few times and each time I gain more insight into the situation.

Submitted by Rhonda S. on 02/20/2023

Card reading

Thankyou allison it was quite insightful and lovely details i am rereading your notes over and over again love your insight and will purchase another reading again

Submitted by Elaine Duncan on 06/23/2022


The online reading I received from Alison truly met my expectations and answered questions I had been ruminating about for a number of months. The reading really did feel to me like a bit of a back and forth conversation that clarified some of my own thoughts. It also brought some new questions, which I always feel is a good sign for a good reading; as it was intriguing, hopeful and most importantly it gave some new insights.
To receive a follow up e-mail from Alison was a bonus I did not expect and helped me bring a deeper focus to my new questions/insights and direction.
Thanks Alison

Submitted by Anna on 08/29/2021

The Art of Tarot Online Course

Wonderful lesson [on "What is Tarot? How does it work?" within the course]! It may have only been 5 minutes long, but it took me about half an hour to get through with all the pausing I was doing so that I could absorb everything as well as madly take notes! Really informative and inspiring!

Submitted by Jacqui on 06/06/2021

Tarot Reading that helped guide me

I had a thoughtful Tarot Reading with Alison a few weeks ago, and I keep going back to the guidance the cards offered. Each card and depiction felt aligned with my situation and helped to guide me on my path. After the reading, I felt confident to stay on course and to follow my heart's passion. Thanks, Alison! 

Submitted by Melanie on 05/06/2021

Pokemon, Go have a reading!

Alison's menu was too much for this decision-paralyzed libra, but I sent her a note with outlines of a question and a proposal that I'd like a session with the pokem9n deck.  What I got was insightful and wonderful.   I'm only a novice at pokemon go, so the descriptions were great, and at least 1/3 of the cards were ME and Alison and I have not actually met.  She adapted her reading to my question and thought of approaches that I hadn't.   I'll be happy to do it again some time!

Submitted by Walter on 04/23/2021

Star Wars reading

Alison is very gifted in the ways the utlizes her cards, especially with the Star Wars deck, it was cool how she used the strengths and weaknesses in each character and used that towards guiding me through it. There was a lot of self reflective information she shared to help me along my journey. And I really appreciate that follow up after some time has passed after the reading. Very genuine and caring were the vibes I got from her gifts that she shared. Thank you, may the force be with you????

Submitted by Aprilpro on 02/01/2021

Superb Tarot Reading!

I had an online Tarot reading with Alison utilizing the Star Wars Tarot cards. Not only did I find  her reading was clear and accurate, but I could relate to the characters on the Tarot cards, having watched the movies. Actually the online reading is very helpful. Everything is written down for you to refer to later. I find when I'm at a personal reading, I tend to forget some of the important messages or am busy writing notes and missing  nuances. Thank-you so much Alison! Looking forward to your Tarot Classes in April.!

Submitted by Terri on 01/28/2021

Faerie, not Airy-Fairy

Very insightful! A very positive experience, without being too airy-fairy. Just faerie. ????

Submitted by Bizz on 10/21/2020

Insightful assistance!

Alison provides gentle, insightful and profound support to people through her tarot readings as well as on her social media channels.
Thank you for all you do, Alison!

Submitted by Michele on 10/21/2020

Intuitive and insightful

Alison is amazing! Her tarot reads are fun and insightful! There are so many unique spreads and deck choices that you'll always have something suited to your needs. Highly recommend!!!

Submitted by Amanda Macgarvey on 10/21/2020