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Salt Spring Island British Columbia V8K 2W3

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This is Your Invitation to bring Your Healing Journey to the Next Level!

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Next Level Now Healing
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PO Box 685
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, V8K 2W3
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I am Available to Schedule Sessions 4 Full days a week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays on Salt Spring Island, BC, and Thursdays and Fridays in Victoria, BC.

About Next Level Now Healing

Spiritual Gifts are the kind of thing that are Often Misunderstood. The world we live in requires us to give our focus to the practical things, the Home, the Career, etc. and Success is mostly measured by monetary standards. Our society conditions us to operate in a system where we are limited to what is perceived with the 5 senses and many people are skeptical of anything outside these parameters. That which cannot be explained from a 3-D perspective is often met with disbelief, ridicule, or even fear of the unknown. 

From a very young age I had many experiences where I was able to "See" things etc. and like many children with such abilities was told "It's only your imagination" and was encouraged to ignore it all and succumb to conditioning. And so I did the best I could to fit into 3-D living, and those special gifts and abilities ended up being "put on the back shelf" but never fully forgotten. 

Then, at the age of 17 I had what is called a "Near Death Experience" as a result of a very serious auto accident which changed my Life in ways that were so profound words could not adequately describe or explain. As a passenger, Moments before we crashed I could see it coming, and was absolutely terrified! Then, all of a sudden, a feeling of Peace came over me. A Peace so Deep and Profound like nothing I had ever felt before. A Peace so Deep, even the terror I felt didn't matter any more. 

Then, I was taken to a much Higher Place, a Higher Realm where I met with Angels and Beings of Light who showed me the True Deep Meaning of my Life from a much Bigger Picture perspective. I was given the choice to stay or to go back to Earth and live out my True Potential and share my Light in the world.

I chose to come back to Earth, and found myself back in my body in the Hospital. It felt so strange to be back in a physical body again. During my recovery,  it took a long time to integrate all that I experienced. Everything was so different, and I could no longer do things in the same way I did before. In this world, but not of this world was my Living Reality. 

It was actually a real challenge to cope with 3-D life again. I sought Sanctuary in the Landscaping Trade where I was able to ground myself connecting with the Earth. I excelled at working with plants and Landscape Design. Horticultural work seemed to resonate with me. I did very well at it, but could never forget the Deep Profound Peace I felt during my Near Death Experience. I Longed to return to it. I could always feel a calling... Like a calling to come back Home.

Through the years I did my best to answer that calling, and also did my best to balance that calling with the practical requirements of 3-D living. During the time I worked my Landscaping Business I was also prompted to meet with others who had similar Spiritual experiences and began focusing to expand my Intuitive Development. 

During those experiences I was encouraged to embrace and develop the Spiritual Gifts I had as a child and re-discovered my natural ability to connect with Spirit and the Angelic Realms. During my Healing Journey I also discovered my natural ability to facilitate Healing for others and felt a much deeper call to make Spiritual Healing Work a Priority.

I have Chosen to work together with the Angels, Light Beings, Star Families and Guides in Spirit assisting them as Guided. These Beautifully Benevolent Beings are the ones who do the Real Work. 

I am simply the Facilitator. In my Role as a Bridge Between Worlds I Hold Profound Space for Healing to take place Allowing the Wisdom and Divine Healing Energy to go Exactly where it is needed for the Highest Good of All.