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Eden's Gate Spiritual Academy with Chelsea Eden Dubeau Reviews

Submitted by Barb Pilgrim on 03/14/2024

Remarkable facilitator

I recently attended one of Chelsea's self-improvement workshops and the experience was remarkable. Chelsea possesses a special ability to genuinely engage with each participant. I felt valued and heard. She took the time to address questions thoroughly and really fostered some meaningful dialogue. Although the group were strangers and we were vulnerable, it’s an important part of the process. Chelsea created a sense of community and connection among us.

Chelsea created a safe and nurturing environment that allowed us to explore our own personal challenges openly and without judgement. I’m looking forward to another workshop.

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A Guiding Light

Chelsea effortlessly weaves together the threads of spirituality and human connection in her work and serves as a guiding light, leading people on a profound journey or self-discovery and spiritual awakening. In her coaching style, Chelsea gently leads you to explore the depths of your soul, offering insight and wisdom that resonate long after the delivery, offering a rare blend of vulnerability and strength. Chelsea fearlessly shares her own spiritual experiences, creaing a space for those she serves to embrace their own path with authenticity and courage.
Beyond coaching and mentoring, Chelsea's presence is equally transformative. With her compassionate heart and intuitive understanding, she effortlessly holds space for others to explore their innermost thoughts and emotions. Her genuine empathy and unwavering support serves as a beacon of light, iilluminating the darkest corners of doubt and fear.

Submitted by Marie Amoto on 03/14/2024

Stepping into transformation

I was able to take a step forward in my transformation as the Trauma to Transformation workshop (and Life Cycling) helped open up some areas in my life that I was hiding from. I went into this workshop with no expectations and some apprehension as vulnerability is so tough for me. I am so thrilled that I was drawn to it as from the moment it started I was at ease thanks to Chelsea's peaceful approach and the support of the wonderful group. Each section of the workshop gave me a greater sense of what's holding me back. I fought through my emotions but left the workshop feeling passionate yet totally at peace.

Submitted by Andrea Herd on 03/14/2024

Praise for Chelsea's Inspired Gift of Healing

Chelsea embodies the spirit of a true healer. Her warmth and her gentle nature invite one to quickly feel safe in her presence. She is confident on her journey of service to others and is passionate about offering her best self for the betterment of all who seek her guidance. I would highly recommend Chelsea: a bright light to illuminate your path to self-empowerment!

Submitted by Sheila Smedley - Spiritual Medium & Life Guide on 02/04/2024