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Zoe Baldwin Reviews

Submitted by Linda on 10/17/2023

A delightful experience of healing

I really loved the experience with you this afternoon Zoe. You are such a kind and understanding human being. It was such a relaxing time - I could have stayed there for hours. I loved the sounds of the drums, but especially the gentle sounds of the Koshi chimes - they were wonderful. It was delightful to meet you and experience your healing abilities. Hope to see you again.

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A beautiful healing experience using multiple modalities

A wonderful and relaxing experience was waiting for me at Mountain Heights Healing. Zoe is an expert practitioner in multiple modalities and brings her considerable knowledge to bear in healing sessions in her calm, private and relaxing studio. Thank you for a beautiful healing experience.

Submitted by The Spirit Of Healing - Shamanic Healing, Candle Services, Compassionate Spellwork With Rae on 06/11/2022


Zoe of Mountain Heights Healing doesn’t just offer Indian Head Massage – she offers an EXPERIENCE. And a breathtakingly exquisite one, at that!

As someone who had the swanky job of auditing Spa facilities & treatments onboard 5-star cruise ships for more than a decade, I am somewhat of a ‘Spa Snob’ and so can honestly say that my treatment with Zoe was of an unparalleled calibre.

From the very moment you walk into Zoe’s luxurious treatment space, which is beautifully appointed with the utmost attention to detail, you sink into a sumptuous sense of relaxation – fully immersing yourself into Zoe’s unique aptitude for delivering the most delicious experience.

Thank you, Zoe! I am your new “regular”.

Submitted by Alison F on 03/31/2019

Tremendously grateful

I had my first treatment with Zoe today and it was wonderful. it takes a lot for me to shut off my mind and so when I was able to just fully take in this experience without spending the time thinking about all the things needing doing I was tremendously grateful. Zoe took me on a journey today that I won't soon forget. Thanks luv. Can't wait to come back for more.

Submitted by Cat O on 03/31/2019

Will definitely be coming back for more!

Had a full reading with Zoe, and was so amazed with her intuition, the comfort and ease of her space,and in the way she presents information. I had a fascinating experience that was comfortable and safe and grounded. Would definitely recommend zoe to anyone who is thinking about having a reading done! Her connection to her work is quite remarkable, and extremely genuine. Will definitely be coming back for more!

Submitted by Jada M on 03/31/2019

We are so blessed to have her as part of our community

Zoe pulled a card for me which hit the nail on the head of what I had been asking the universe. I find every interaction I’ve had with Zoe so far has been so enlightening and refreshing. We are so blessed to have her as part of our community. I would recommend her to anyone looking for direction they can’t find themselves!

Submitted by Athena O on 03/31/2019

Worth every minute!

She nailed my past and present and gave me hope for my future, and when reading the object that I brought with me, she was able to reconnect me with my grandfather as well. Things I did not realize that she informed me of now give me a great inspiration throughout my daily life. Worth every minute!

Submitted by Amanda S on 03/31/2019

Zoe truly has a mystical and spiritual gift

Zoe truly has a mystical and spiritual gift. The precious time I spent with Zoe was immediately applicable and relevant to the issues I had been struggling with. With Zoe's guiding light, she helped me to heal some lingering negative energies of the past. She also made the path clear for the present day reality which has resulted in new and exciting intellectual challenges. I would highly recommend Mountain Heights Healing for anyone looking for a new outlook and reset on life.

Submitted by Tracy D on 03/31/2019

The BEST and most heavenly head massage

The BEST and most heavenly head massage I have EVER received in my life! Highly recommend Mountain Heights Healing

Submitted by Deb K on 03/31/2019

Thank you!

I was helped through my mother’s passing with gentle and experienced energy from Zoe in one of her workshops. Any time I've spent with her, in person or online, I've found peace and exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Submitted by Janet K on 03/31/2019

I highly recommend seeing her for all your healing needs!!

Zoe gave an amazing head massage on multiple occasions. She's an exceptional healer with a comforting soul. I highly recommend seeing her for all your healing needs!!

Submitted by Marian S on 03/31/2019

I recommend her for anyone looking to learn or heal

Zoe has a lovely and peaceful energy that flows through in her ability to teach. She is patient and kind in her approach...I recommend her for anyone looking to learn or heal.

Submitted by Andrea W on 03/31/2019

She absolutely knows what she's doing

Zoe is a very lovely lady, we've been to her a few times for sessions classes that type of thing very very pleased with the service she absolutely knows what she's doing and I recommend her to anybody!!!!!

Submitted by Pam B on 03/31/2019

I highly recommend seeing Zoe for healing and self-care.

Zoe's Indian Head massages are a must experience. I always leave deeply relaxed and at peace. My last one she helped me break an energetic entanglement to a recent traumatic experience. Now, if it comes to mind, my body doesn't go into fight or flight and I don't get energetically knocked off balance. I highly recommend seeing Zoe for healing and self-care.

Submitted by Kerry C on 03/31/2019

Zoe is an amazing practitioner.

Zoe is an amazing practitioner. Exceptionally good at all she does, a great ear and compassionate care giver. If you have ever needed the ultimate in relaxation I highly recommend one of her Indian head massages.

Submitted by Tanis R on 03/31/2019

An amazing experience!!

I have had the pleasure of receiving an Indian Head Massage treatment from Zoe! What an amazing experience!! I could feel the effects all throughout my body! Zoe has an incredible ability to make you feel instantly at ease and relaxed. She has also done a couple of readings for me and her advice is always so helpful and comforting! Thank you, Zoe!

Submitted by Julli M on 03/31/2019

I will definitely be using her in the future

I just recently had a reading done by Zoe and it was amazing. Not only did she make me feel comfortable, she's quite funny too.
I will definitely be using her in the future and will tell all my friends and family to go see her.

Submitted by Shannon E on 03/31/2019

Every time and she does an amazing job

I’ve had the pleasure of having a couple readings. Zoe is so connected that it feels like talking with my friends and family every time and she does an amazing job delivering messages I needed to hear from loved ones. She’s an amazing soul and I’d recommend to anyone. One day I’d love to get an Indian head massage.

Submitted by Diana N on 03/31/2019

Highly recommend her to anyone

I recently had a full reading which consisted of a mediumship reading, a card reading and telemetry, with Zoe. I really didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised.
She is such a lovely, gifted soul and graciously answered all of my questions, not only in regards to myself, but her as well. Zoe is very skilled and knowledgeable, I look forward to visiting her in the future for one of her treatments and highly recommend her to anyone.

Submitted by Darla G on 03/31/2019

Zoe has wonderful energy and intuition

Zoe has wonderful energy and intuition. Her ability to provide a warm, secure place of trust and enlightenment is felt in her presence and in her place of service. My journey began when Zoe presented a course on Spiritual Guide. It was an incredible learning experience. I recommend Zoe’s teaching ability, and her Healing Service to any and all. You won’t be disappointed.

Submitted by Jan R on 03/31/2019


have had several Indian Head Massages with Zoe and she is amazing. She has such a peaceful energy and her treatment room is such a calming environment. I felt so relaxed and calm after my treatment, if you haven't had one I strongly suggest you do. I also recently completed my Reiki Level 1 with Zoe and she is one of the best teachers I have ever had, very knowledgeable and encouraging. I Highly recommend Zoe and am looking forward to trying some of her other amazing services!

Submitted by Rachel D on 03/31/2019