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Biomagnetism Canada Kathryn Lowther Reviews

Submitted by J. Byington on 03/13/2024

Effective pain relief for bacterial infection

One afternoon I developed a pain that spread down the right side of my head, through my jaw, around the back of my head and down my neck. It felt like the pain originated in the glands in the right side of my neck, rather than being a muscular strain. Kathryn scanned my body and within a few minutes had discovered I may have a Staphylococcus infection in my right jaw. She placed the magnets on both sides of my jawbone and left them on for 40 mins. By the end of the session the pain was completely gone! The following morning and in the days following, I had no pain at all. I was absolutely amazed by the quick and obviously effective results! I highly recommend Kathryn and biomagnetism treatments. She is a warm, caring and compassionate therapist". J. Byington, Victoria, BC

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Lately I have been dealing with a lot of stress in my life. I called Kathy and explained what was going on in my life, including the symptoms I was having: indigestion, neck and shoulder pain, feeling totally drained. Kathy did her Biomagnetism again and after she worked on me I had to let her know WOW I FEEL SO RELAXED and CALM and in such a short time.
I totally believe in this alternative treatment. If you have never tried it, please call Kathy at Biomagnetism Canada. She is the kindest, most compassionate, and beautiful soul that you could ever hope to meet.
So thankful for this way of treatment as nothing else had worked.
Thank you Kathy!
Vi May
Saltspring BC

Submitted by Vi May on 10/25/2021


I wanted to reach out for Alternative treatments for my health problems, having Psoriasis where the doctor put me on a Steroid cream which did not help that much. After reading about Biomagnetism I thought well I am going to try it.
I found a person by the name of Kathy Lowther in Duncan who practices Biomagnetism. She explained how it can be used to find the root causes and imbalances through kinesiology and regulating the pH balance.
After listening to this I knew I had to try it. It was amazing since I live on Salt Spring and her being in Duncan, we did it long distance. She found a lot of imbalances in my body as well as parasites. After she worked on me for 1.5 hours including my indigestion that I was having, the next day I felt so good and with no itching or indigestion. It was like I was reborn!
Thank you Kathy!
Vi May
Saltspring BC

Submitted by Vi May on 10/25/2021


Kathryn is an awesome healer and is caring and compassionate and very intuitive

Submitted by Ayla - V Team Paranormal on 09/17/2021

Successful distance sessions with Kathryn

I started to struggle with digestive issues, anxiety, and sudden weight loss... it was so bad - normal weight 115lbs to 96lbs.  I had an onset of allergies, barely eating. I went to see specialists, doctors, blood tests, stool tests, gastroenterologists.No one could tell me what was going on with me, except for the allergy. Deep down, my intuition was telling me parasites. I felt depressed, whole body hurting, I was terrified, I had lost my period. I found Kathryn online. She right away found all the issues, which were parasites, digestive issues, bacterias, dengue fever and other imbalances. I am now fully healed and thank life everyday, no more allergies, I enjoy all foods again, monthly cycle is back. I am full of beautiful energy, I gained 10lbs SO GRATEFUL! I talk about Kathryn to everyone, and have referred friends and family to her. So thankful for this beautiful healing! 

Submitted by Sabrina Hemond on 06/05/2021

Skin issues and Healing my dogs' health

“I suffered with eczema and psoriasis on my knees and feet for 4 years. I had tried every remedy and therapy possible, and still no relief, until I had treatments with Kathryn. She also helped my dogs recover from hepatitis and another bacteria. I can’t say enough how she helped my dogs back to health and seeing my feet healed!

"I was very happy! Thank you, Kathryn! All my love and gratitude." S. Kert - L.A., Calif.

Submitted by S. Kert on 10/24/2019


“Had to give Kathy a huge thank you for what felt like bringing me back from death's door. I caught the norovirus and can honestly say I've never been sicker in my life. Worst part was that it settled deep in my back so on top of feeling so incredibly bad, sleeping was pretty much impossible.
Well, Kathy got her long distance, (she's in Victoria and I'm in Vancouver), going with her magnets and the following day I was so much better it was amazing. I don't know how long I would have been incapacitated without her
help. THANKS SO MUCH KATHY, YOU'RE THE BEST”!- Steve Pollard- Vancouver,BC

Submitted by Steve Pollard on 07/05/2019

Allergies, Pulmonary Fibrosis & Pain

I was referred to Kathryn by a Doctor, and being in the health profession over the last 15 years, I was open to new modalities. I am amazed at the therapeutic possibilities of Biomagnetic Therapy, especially in the hands of someone as extraordinary as Kathryn.
I wouldn’t want people to think that Kathryn does miracles, except that she does. From personal experience, my mother of 86 has been through some exceptional challenges with her health, some life-threatening ~ allergies, pulmonary fibrosis, organ disfunction, emotional stress, and physical pain.
Kathryn has been treating my mother and it's truly amazing the transformation in her health. She saved my mother's life basically! With much appreciation.- JP and Family - Victoria, BC.

Submitted by Jp And Family on 06/16/2019

Chronic Heartburn Relief

I would like to thank Kathy Lowther for treating my heartburn. Over the past few years it
has been so horrible, countless bottles of Tums and different medications and since our
session I have not had to take either. Thank you so much for your amazing work. Much love
- Lauren Dawn- Vancouver, BC, Canada

Submitted by Lauren Dawn on 06/04/2019


"As a Bowen practitioner I was truly impressed by the accuracy and effectiveness of Kathryn Lowther's skill. I had utilized her skill on previous occasions, on myself, and been impressed by how quickly my ailments turned around and symptoms vanished (within 24 hrs).
The staggering proof of her skill came when my Mother was rushed to emergency. I was stressed at the time and told Kathy that it was a bacterial infection of the blood and accidentally gave her the wrong name of the bacteria. She got back to me after the treatment, and named the correct bacteria. May I also add that she did this from over 2,500 miles away! Kathryn Lowther is stunningly accurate and effective.
"Kathy also recognized a condition in her ankles. My Mom has not had any discomfort since. In general my mom's energy levels improved immediately and she healed very quickly, with great spirits".- Kim Elkington - Vitality Magazine (Sacred Journeys)- Ont. Canada

Submitted by Kim Elkington, Sacred Journeys on 04/05/2019

Chronic Fatigue Relief

Relief from Chronic Fatigue
“I got my energy yesterday! Truly amazing after almost 20 years of chronic fatigue. Thank you so much Kathryn".-
D. McKay- Victoria, BC

Submitted by D. Mckay on 04/05/2019

Relief from Chronic Candida

"I was diagnosed with Systemic Candida 20 years ago. In two sessions, the Candida was gone. An allergy to mildew is also gone -. Thank you, Kathryn." M.E.- Victoria, BC

Submitted by Biomagnetism Canada on 03/29/2019

Testimonial for Skin Issue

My boyfriend's back has itched for over 30 years. Every night for as long as he can remember he's gone to bed and within 15 minutes to a half an hour his back would get itchy. He would itch it until it bled, and the irritated area would spread all over. Creams wouldn't help, medications didn't work, changing laundry detergents didnt do anything either. He did allergy tests, changed his diet over the years, showered before bed,... anything and everything that was suggested by professionals and of course Google... to no avail. He hasn't had white bed sheets for a long time and shyed away from white shirts too due to his extreme itching episodes. I suggested going to see a Biomagnetic Healer. He was sceptical, but thought he'd try it. After one treatment, his back has been itch free!!!!!!!!!!! He and I would highly recommend Kathryn...thanks again!- Heather Fillery, Cowichan

Submitted by Biomagnetism Canada on 11/15/2018

Thank you for the energy "tune-up"!

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the biomagnetic sessions. My skin has been clearer than ever since you were able to find that acne bacteria, and my digestion has really improved, likely on account of the candida being balanced. I am still quite itchy, but I think it is perhaps more of an emotional thing, stuck emotional thought patterns.
The most surprising and elating difference I’ve noticed since the sessions, is just an overall feeling of wellbeing.

I feel as though my light inside is getting brighter again and my energy is flowing more smoothly. If I ever need a “tune up” in the future I will definitely be in touch! Thanks again, Kathryn. I hope you are keeping well :)

Submitted by Disa A., Victoria, Bc on 11/08/2018