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Carolyn Adams - Reiki Master Reviews

Submitted by Insights on 10/15/2023

Time out for Health

I experienced this time with Carolyn Adams as very calming and grounding. Amazingly, even from a long distance away, I felt a pulsing of energy and waves of movement happening throughout. I had some physiological challenges in the preceding days, so was concerned that these might interfere with the process, but Carolyn was reasurring in terms of setting a relaxing and open tone. The time went very quickly and it was very helpful afterwards to hear what images came into Carolyn's consciousness and how these connected with my own inner journey. I would definitely do more sessions and would recommend Carolyn to others seeking healing energy.

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Carolyn is a miracle worker! she has an innate ability to create a safe and welcoming space that allows you to vulnerably check in with your energy. This was my first experience with Reiki, and I didn’t know what to expect. Carolyn walked me through the process of Reiki and explained that everyone’s experience is unique, valid and welcomed. Carolyn practiced with such care and grace. My first experience with Reiki was completely and utterly mind blowing. If you are curious about Reiki I highly recommend Carolyn! I can’t wait to book in with her again and again!! 

Submitted by Chloe on 04/16/2024

Healing Harmony

Carolyn is a beautiful energy worker that allows space for harmony of energy . I am grateful to her for the session, it was very healing for me and peaceful.

Submitted by Stacy on 03/09/2024

Carolyn is truly gifted

Knowing this was my introduction to reiki, Carolyn immediately made me feel comfortable and took the time to answer my questions. Carolyn exudes a safe space even through a remote session, I found this to be very important for my experience. Overall I finished my sessions feeling relaxed and in a euphoric state. Thank you again Carolyn, I can’t thank you enough! 

Submitted by Braxton Fenter on 01/07/2024

Remote reiki with Carolyn

I had the pleasure of experiencing a remote reiki session with Carolyn for the first time. From the start of our time together, Carolyn offered a calming, welcoming presence that allowed me to open myself up to this new experience. She guided me through what the session may feel like and after our session, she held space for me to debrief with her about my experience. I was surprised by the energetic sensations and releases that I experienced throughout the session, and how vividly I could feel and receive the energy from a distance. I left the session feeling warm, relaxed, and supported.

Carolyn’s presence is loving, authentic, and curious, and she brings a sense of peace and acceptance to her sessions that breeds a desire to dig deeper into one’s own energy practice. A reiki session with Carolyn is a gift to your nervous system, a breath of mental clarity, and a healing energetic experience. 

Submitted by Kara Vanderbeek on 12/30/2023

Being in Carolyn’s presence is like being nurtured by the sun

Being in Carolyn’s presence is like being nurtured by the sun - it feels warm, calm, comfortable and offers a sense of lightness through the dark. She is one of those practitioners that is deeply connected to the heart and allows her intuition to be a guiding grace in all she does. It is an honour to walk this Reiki journey with her.

- Lindsay Rose
Reiki Master + Trainer at Reiki Energy School

Submitted by Carolyn Adams - Reiki Practitioner on 12/06/2023

Warm Vibes and Bright Energies

I attended an evening event for women to explore their own personal energy hosted by Carolyn. It was a wonderful night where women could gather and be able to share their experience with energy, explore and receive reiki at the end. It was lovely to be in a room filled with curious and compassionate individuals. Carolyn did a great job hosting and ensuring everyone was comfortable and enjoying the night.

Submitted by Rachel on 11/19/2023

Carolyn was amazing!!

Carolyn had such a welcoming and calm environment to step into and makes it very inviting for people trying out Reiki for the first time. She talked me through what a typical Reiki session includes, as well as debriefed about it afterwards. I felt very taken care of and my energy feels so much lighter.

Submitted by Marilyn Haire on 10/31/2023

Warm Vibes and Bright Energies Group

Carolyn hosted a beautiful space for women to gather, connect, learn and practice reiki. With Carolyn’s warm energy I felt at peace, accepted and was given space to talk through my experiences while there. There was so many different walks of life in the room and Carolyn did an incredible job of balancing each persons individual needs. She had snacks and tea, as this work can be quite draining and was something I didn’t even think to bring. I have done reiki before and was under the impression I didn’t believe in it because I wasn’t connected or felt safe in the space. Carolyn showed me the complete opposite and I can’t wait to do more reiki! I would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone in my life curious about energy, body mapping, or reiki! 

Submitted by Chanterelle on 10/30/2023

Feeling Open & Alive!

From the second I walked through the door I felt Carolyn’s warm, caring and calm energy. It allowed me to feel vulnerable and safe to expand my intentions for the session. After a thorough yet relaxing consultation, I not only had a better understanding of her practise but I felt in very good hands. Carolyn ensures comfort throughout the entire session, down to the temperature of the room and the noise volume of her meditative tunes. I had the most relaxing and comfortable experience and had loads of interesting and reflective thoughts flow through my mind. Afterwards, Carolyn conducted a slow and grounding debrief, allowing for any thoughts or questions to arise. I felt renewed and aware, grounded and free all at the same time. I left with a deeper understanding and appreciation for this beautiful practice, and with Carolyn’s gentle guidance and outstanding attention to detail, I was left feeling warm, connected and stoked for more!

Submitted by Leah Vanderbeek on 09/11/2023

Very attuned and Powerful!

This was my first remote reiki session. I felt as through Carolyn was in the room with me. I could sense her presence very vividly and at the end felt her end the session without any verbal communication. Her energetic touch was very healing and I experienced multiple releases and openings. She is truly a master.

Submitted by Lindsay Gilmour on 06/29/2023

What a pleasure! Cannot wait to go back!

I have had the serious pleasure of having both a virtual and an in-person reiki session with Carolyn, and I can't talk more highly of both!! These sessions were my first times experiencing reiki and Carolyn made me feel totally at ease and coached me through what I might expect. Carolyn made me feel comfortable and accepted from the get-go, she explained everything, and was very open. She made me feel like I had autonomy over our session by giving options and choices before we began as to what would make me feel most comfortable. I felt relaxed, moved, and peaceful following both of our sessions. Regular reiki sessions with Carolyn are 100% something I will be integrating into my regular self-care. I highly recommend!

Submitted by Genny on 06/21/2023

Reiki with Carolyn

Carolyn is professional and very informative of her practice. I had not experienced reiki before seeing Carolyn and I left feeling incredibly grounded. She is a genuine and calm presence with a natural gift of connecting with energies. 

Submitted by Stephanie Strong on 06/10/2023

First experience with Reiki

From the moment I walked into my session Carolyn brought such a warm, calm presence and made it feel like a safe space. Reiki was nothing I had ever experienced before and I am so grateful Carolyn introduced it into my life. I left my session feeling more relaxed than I had in a month and felt almost like a sheet had been pulled from over top of me. It was truly an eye opening experience and something I believe everyone should experience.

Submitted by Lexie on 06/08/2023

Reiki Session

I recently had a Reiki Session with Carolyn and was such a wonderful experience. She started by sending  me a pre-session brochure with frequently asked questions that helped  me to feel  more prepared.
At arrival, I felt instantly welcomed which made me ease into the session. Carolyn has such a kind and gentle presence that made me feel very comfortable during her practice. During her work I could physically feel the energy moving through my body which was so interest because I could feel so present for the first time in a while. After the session I felt super light and woke up the next day so full of energy and my mind was super clear. I’m very grateful that Carolyn was able to help me release my emotions and find self regulation ice again. I already booked my next session and  will certainly be seen Carolyn to practice this new type of self care that I discovered with her help. Highly recommend her! 

Submitted by Aline on 06/06/2023