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Live Blood Analysis with Maureen Fontaine Reviews

Submitted by Julie on 01/30/2024

LIFE Changer!

Incredibly knowledgable!! Kindness personified. Able to present reality with compassion and ZERO Judgement. Intuit, compassionate, kind soul.

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Scientific Rigor & Deep Intuitive Wisdom

I have had the good fortune to benefit from Maureen’s multi-layered gifts in a variety of capacities. Without reservation, I (enthusiastically!) recommend her to anyone who is looking for insight and demonstrable progress. The thing about Maureen is that her scientific rigor is equally matched by her deep intuitive wisdom. So whether you are seeing her as a microscopist, as a teacher, or as a guide (I have worked with her, repeatedly, in all three categories), you are going to receive an exceptionally grounded and well-rounded session.

In my experience, the practical knowledge and growth gained from a session with Maureen continues to unfold and deepen—the “a-has” just keep coming—long past the actual appointment. I am grateful beyond measure for her ongoing support and guidance.

Andy B

Submitted by Andy B. on 03/02/2020

Amazing findings.....!

It's the real deal - I had a LBA with Maureen and I had no idea so much information about one's health could be gleaned from this! It was great to discuss all this, discovering what I needed to work on (which also affirmed that the analysis was correct), as well as affirming & reinforcing health practices that have been getting positive results. Very informative, very instructional, delivered in an easy-to-understand & easy-to-implement way, with a spiritual angle as well. Thank you, Maureen!!!

Submitted by Ian on 08/03/2019

Practitioner, Healer, Teacher grounded in reliable medicine and intuitive wisdom!

Maureen is highly skilled with a vast scope of expertise and breadth of knowledge. Her offerings are rooted in scientific research and years of experience. As well her work is grounded in her intuitive and heartfelt knowing, which comes through effortlessly. I am deeply grateful and cherish her contributions. I highly recommend her.

Submitted by Jenica on 06/24/2019