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Readings with Marilyn Hill Reviews

Submitted by CA on 01/29/2023

Always On The Mark, With Truth, Compassion & Humour!

After multiple readings, over many years, Marilyn is one of the gifted Intuitive's that I have ever had read for me (and I have had a few). Her accuracy is consistent, she is sharp, knows people and is a very gifted Medium. Marilyn tells it like it is and her honesty is refreshing. Marilyn is the real deal. Do not hesitate to book a session.

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A reading that makes a difference...

Right after my mother passed away, I checked in with Marilyn. It was so reassuring to hear from her that Mum was with her childhood dog (Peggy) and presenting herself as a young nurse, which was the happiest time of her life. There was so much more - thanks, Marilyn!

Submitted by Josie on 11/09/2020

Sensitive & reassuring! Loved my reading!

What an experience! I have had readings with other intuitives, but Marilyn offered so many things in the wide-ranging reading I had with her. Information from the past made more sense, new information about my departed parents, and help with my career path - offered in a positive, warm session. I love it that she has a sense of humour!

Submitted by Readings With Marilyn Hill on 05/03/2020