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Reiki Blessings Victoria, with Loraine Reviews

Submitted by Crystal Miko on 03/20/2024

A special soul

Loraine has helped me tremendously,I felt the the affect of her reiki immediately and have experienced incredible relief from all the health issues I’ve been dealing with.Living with fibromyalgia/arthritis/mental health issues had me feeling hopeless until I started working with Loraine and felt the difference her reiki makes.I highly recommend her for anyone seeking help from a reiki master and with an open mind and heart anything is possible.

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Be Prepared to Receive Beyond Your Expectations!

I came to Loraine with the intention of learning Usui Level 1 and 2 Reiki and I have to tell you how impressed I was. The outstanding results of these sessions were multi faceted for me.
I quickly realized that my ongoing back pain had dissolved with only one treatment. I was able to come to a deeper understanding of compassion in the course and also learnt the importance of structure when working with clients.

The information was taught with loving kindness and a splash of British humour. Never have I met an energy worker more generous of their time and knowledge. Loraine is quite simply a Gem!

Submitted by Denise on 04/03/2022

Excellent Teacher and Healer!

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Loraine’s energy with Reiki healing, as well as being honoured to learn Usui Reiki Level I and Level 2 with her.

As a healer, Loraine has energy that is strong, beautiful, and filled with love.

As a teacher – like her healing – Loraine is generous; providing thorough guidance and detailed explanations, as well as following-up with answers to any questions that arose during the training. Additionally, Loraine also provided references to books she thought would benefit my growth. With her encouragement I was able to jump right in and start using the Reiki energy for myself and others around me.

I really enjoyed learning the energy work with flexibility, as well as with humour sprinkled into the teaching. I feel blessed I had the opportunity to learn from Loraine, as I have gained an important ability I can use for the rest of my life. Thank you, Loraine!

Submitted by Anne H on 03/15/2022

Distant Reiki

In the past 6 months Loraine has been a great source of comfort, encouragement and support to me and 2 family members. She's very mindful and respectful, with great instincts in guiding one to recognize the source of stress and to release the tension within ourselves. At each session, I felt embraced by her positive and healing energy. I emerged from the session totally relaxed, and ready to face the world again. I highly recommend Loraine as she is amazing at what she does. I feel blessed to have her in my life. I wish Loraine the very best which life has to offer.

Submitted by Jackie Miko on 08/10/2021


I had a virtual Reiki session with Miss Loraine recently.
This was my first one ever. To say that I was beyond blessed and amazed at the after results would be downplaying my hour-long session. I felt an instant release (in the form of good tears streaming down my face) as soon as Loraine started. I asked for the session to be done in quiet; no music as she kindly offered what my preference was. I felt different positive physical sensations within my body as she was going down the chakras; inner warmth, pulsating.
I had a good sleep that evening. I do suggest not doing anything after your session; stay home, relax, and drink lots of water.
I highly recommend Miss Loraine as she is an outstanding Reiki Master. Namaste - Elise B

Submitted by Elise Bernadet on 07/27/2021

Helped my back...

Loraine's Reiki treatments helped my back enormously when I was doubled over in pain with my back after lifting some heavy furniture. I would definitely recommend giving her a try if you're in pain.

Submitted by Paul Joseph on 07/23/2021

Helped me with my life-long anxiety about going to the dentist

Loraine's excellent Reiki treatment helped me a great deal in dealing with going to the dentist. I've always been afraid, terrified in fact, to even get a filling. After Loraine sent her Reiki, I was perfectly calm and it made a huge difference to me when I went for my appointments and also during the dental work.
And my elderly cat Sam had several sessions with Loraine to help him when the vet could do no more for his kidney disease. Sam lasted longer than predicted and he was comfortable and happy to the end.
All this Reiki work was done by long distance, we live several provinces apart. Distance is no object with Loraine's treatments.

Submitted by Rita Campbell on 07/23/2021

Pet Owner and Pet Healing

My deepest thanks to Loraine for her kindness and for sending out Reiki healing from a distance to my little cat Dahlia who suddenly went in to liver failure (of course, the Reiki also helped me to deal with the situation). While medical treatment played an important role in Dahlia’s remarkable recovery, I believe that Loraine’s earnest intervention and intention with her gift of energy work and Reiki was able to play a vital healing role in the life of an eight-pound fur baby.

At first glance, distance healing may seem mysterious or even impossible. And yet, once you have experienced healing from remote Reiki, it feels unquestionably natural and amazing at the same time. Quantum physics explains the entanglement theory and how healing can be transmitted in this way. Energy healing, locally or from a distance can be beneficial to all living creatures. It is no longer just “alternative” or “complimentary”.
Energy healing is essential to our personal wellbeing.

Lucia R., Ontario

Submitted by Reiki Blessings Victoria on 07/22/2021

Review from Solar Power, Cochrane, AB

Loraine is one of the most intuitive healers out there.
Her Reiki is so intense and so lovingly directed that often times I find in a session I go so deep into my own journeys, or I fall into a deep sleep and wake up feeling like a whole new person. She has such a gentle energy about her, but her Reiki hands are anything but, they go to the core of the matter and help you to heal as you need. She is one of my 'go to' healers, as she completely detaches from ego and empathically shines her loving light wherever you need it most. She is a true gift, and an experience that you will never forget. She seems to always put me back together in just one session and I am so grateful to have her in my life.
Solar Power Health Inc

Submitted by Reiki Blessings Victoria on 07/22/2021