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The Spirit of Healing Reviews

Submitted by Michael on 10/16/2023

Healing with Rae

I have had reiki and shamanic sessions with Rae. Each has been healing in a different way. While the Reiki is more immediately calming, the shamanic sessions yielded several deep insights, and have helped in significant personal transformation. Rae is a gifted healer with a strong connection to source.

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Life Changing

Rae did a session of Shamanic healing with me. I had never experienced Shamanic healing before and had no idea what to expect.
The results have been profound and life changing. 
Words cannot even come close to how our single session changed my life. 

Submitted by Lb on 06/17/2024

Wow!!! Rae is absolute magic

I had a Shamanic Healing today and I am still feeling the vibration from it. Rae created such a safe and sacred space that I felt like I could fully let go and allow her to work on me. All of the messages that came through and the next steps resonated so deeply it brought me to tears. Rae is pure magic. I highly recommend!

Submitted by Love & Light Intuitive Healing on 10/26/2023

Reiki with Rae

I have had several Reiki treatments done by Rae Moss and each one has been very helpful, Being a senior, relief of stress is so important and after each session I feel the tension in my mind and body has been reduced a lot. Thank you Rae.

Submitted by Leslie on 10/14/2023

A wonderful healing experience

I had my first ever Reiki session with Rae, and it was incredibly powerful. The heat and energy I felt from Rae's hands was unbelievable. The session helped immensely with my anxiety and chronic pain, and helped me relax and sleep better. Her calming voice put me at ease and made me feel welcomed. Thank you Rae!

Submitted by Janice H. on 04/11/2023

All doubts removed - No better confirmation to continue my spiritual journey

Rae is for real! I had the privilege of sharing an hour with her on a Shamanic journey. On the practical side, the appointment was booked, confirmed and started right on time. Rae provided detailed explanations on every step of the journey. At no time did I feel lost or fearful.
Having a way with words, she conveyed all that she "saw" & "experienced" in an extremely detailed and concise manner. She provided confirmation and encouragement for my spiritual development which I needed at a time of self-doubt. Afterwards, she further included information via email with more detailed research on pertinent and relevant information to help document our session for a review at a later date.
For those of us who can appreciate the amount of work, time and energy needed to do this work for others, the payment cannot begin to cover the minimum cost. Good thing Rae is doing this to help others rather than to get rich from it!
Thank you so much for your help. You are truly gifted.

Submitted by Angela Chan on 07/04/2022

Connecting with my creative self

My experience working with Rae affected me deeply. She is a gifted witch and shamanic practitioner who created a safe comfortable space during our session. Retrieving my power animal gave me a sense of completeness and strength, and her insights following this have helped guide me through a difficult transition. I have more courage to let go of things that were holding me back and can more clearly see how I can reconnect with my creative self and find my playfulness. Thank you Rae!

Submitted by E M on 05/16/2022

Finding my guide

The ceremony was very personal and intimate. It continues to resonate with me and opens more doors any time I take a moment to reflect and engage with it again. Wonderful.

Submitted by Neil on 05/12/2022

A truly gifted healer

Working with Rae has been such a profound and impactful experience. I have learned so much and have found a great deal of healing, wisdom, and empowerment in the insights she has given me. It's been amazing to work with someone who is not only such a gifted shamanic practitioner, but also someone who approaches each session with such empathy, kindness, and care, alongside her deep wisdom and knowledge. Meeting Rae has truly been a gift!

Submitted by Courtney R on 05/11/2022

Shamanic Power Animal Retrieval

Rae is compassionate, kind and truly has a gift to share! I am in the middle of a major life transition, so the power animal we retrieved resonated strongly.
I feel loved, protected and ready to start my journey, knowing I am being guided. Thank you Rae, I am grateful for the work we did together.

Submitted by Margo on 05/01/2022