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Garnet & Ki - Reiki & Spirit Readings with Christina Bandara Reviews

Submitted by Dave on 11/04/2022

you truly have a great gift

I just wanted to say thanks for the Reiki session I booked with you. You were welcoming and had a very relaxing environment for our session. To tell you the truth I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was actually quite astonished at how in tune you were with my presence, body and some of my past experiences. I also seemed pleasantly relaxed during our session and afterwards. Just wanted to thank you for the reiki session and I will definitely be rebooking another session. Thank you, you truly have a great gift.

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Beyond grateful to be working with Christina

I had Christina come highly recommended to me, as I was looking for holistic healing, but had minimal exposure to Reiki myself. From the moment I met Christina she was attentive, straightforward, caring and had a great sense of humor. She worked with me to conduct powerful, meaningful and interactive Reiki sessions, which have been a highlight of my self-healing and self-care journey in the short time we have worked together. I have already booked my next session, and am so excited to continue working with her. I have recommended her highly to others, energy versed and skeptics alike, as I feel she is genuine and truly cares about her work, and that will resonate with anyone who meets her. If your looking for a Reiki practioner with humility, competences and skill, Christina is all that and more.

Submitted by Beth G. on 11/16/2022

Trust & Respect Were Created Immediately

The only Reiki I had experienced before was for healing and that felt comfortable and relaxing and helped me keep hope and faith strong during a difficult time. Reiki with Christina was another experience. Christina, a beautiful open and happy soul, sensitive to her ‘client’ but so friendly that I was instantly comfortable and trusted her process of energy, symbols, images, impressions and feelings she experienced while giving her reading. I enjoyed and relaxed with her. Trust and respect were created immediately. She gave her time openly, no hints of being rushed or keeping to a time limit schedule... How do I feel after this Reiki? -peaceful, happy, confirmed in being me, appreciative of healing and confirmations given and our laughter together. I was not expecting the depth, the heart, the ease in which this session took place. I had much to ponder and reflect. I look forward to a future session with Christina and feel grateful for such an experience. Thank you, Christina.

Submitted by Suzanne on 10/09/2022

Feeling better - thanks!

Christina has a natural, considerate way about her that is a wonderful intro to the energy work on the table that she offers. She takes the time a session requires and I was glad for the chance to ask questions afterwards. Get a session scheduled - you'll be glad you did!

Submitted by Ian Byington on 09/26/2022

Enthusiastically recommend to anyone seeking energy work

I just want to say how happy and grateful I am for the time and energy you gave to me. I feel that you are an amazing healer and I love and appreciate your candid, unfiltered insights. I believe that our session had a significant impact on my energy levels and my overall well being. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will enthusiastically recommend you to anyone seeking reiki energy work.

Submitted by Wade. on 09/18/2022


Thank you again for the session! I loved it! Changing my energy and helping me become aware of the messages I needed to hear has been the catalyst to shift my energy. I feel lighter and the flow is back! Thanks for changing my flow! It's magical what's happened since the session! Thanks for sharing your heart's work, Christina!

Submitted by Stacey -winkchronicity on 09/05/2022

Always Amazed and Empowered

Christina is an amazing Reiki practitioner. I've done many sessions with her and each time was amazed with the insights she had and how accurate her findings were. She did a wonderful job explaining what she saw to me and I left my sessions feeling at peace but also empowered to change/heal. I would highly recommend Christina to everyone, especially those seeking to improve their mental health and overall wellness.

Submitted by Danielle M. on 08/17/2022

Amazing Results, Insight for Everyone

I went to Christina for Reiki as a last resort for an immense amount of stress I was feeling. I didn't know what Reiki really was at the time, but I was pretty desperate. I'm a rather scientific and skeptical person. After the first session, I felt that something had significantly 'shifted' inside of me. The normal stressors that used to put me on edge didn't really have the same effect, and I wasn't as agitated as before. Subsequent sessions really helped manage other significant stressful situations. I have already recommended Christina to friends who were undergoing stressful situations, and have had nothing but positive feedback.

Submitted by B.r. on 07/08/2022

Meet with Christina

I have had multiple reiki sessions with Christina, in person and distance. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but after my first session I felt relaxed, light and at ease. Christina has a calming presence about her and her healing energy has proven effective in terms of my road to self healing. For those looking to reduce stress and improve healthy energy, I encourage you to meet with Christina.

Submitted by Garnet & Ki - Reiki With Christina Bandara on 06/25/2022