The Alchemy Collective Consciousness Reviews

Submitted by Premiere Aquatics on 03/08/2021

The Love Train

Overall Rating

The Alchemy Collective Consciousness is the transportation vehicle for soul advancement.  Much like the Aerostar, and Eurostar the route is direct, quick and fun.  Defying all obstacles and multiple catalyst combustion’s, this travel buddy is a true gem.  Safe, reliable, on time and a guaranteed delivery every voyage.  The sights to behold are imaginative and glorious and wonder is a constant companion.  Only problem is the lack of other passengers currently traveling with the same destination in mind.  I tend to nap often on the journey so it’s quite possible I just missed their connections while I was snoozing.  I drink coffee regularly more so ñ doubt I’ll miss much in the future!

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Hope for Earth & Humanity

Weekly online global meditations are guided beautifully by AnaLaRai.  For beginner and veteran meditators, these voyages open one to love, joy, peace and hope in a natural, fluid, engaging manner.  The Tuesday meditations are the highlight of my week.  The lovely voice and guide is an intuitive healer and master channel whom I trust with my life.  I am forever changed and better for my involvement with The Alchemy Collective Consciousness, AnaLaRai and Sparkles of Love.  All the classes, workshops, seminars and growth opportunities are invaluable, creative opportunities for advancement.

Submitted by Tamara Golden Ma on 03/05/2021

Loving Community/Immense Personal Growth

The energies are powerful and unique and the love from the meditations comes through every time , but what really stands out to me is 1) the way this can change your personal life 2) the loving community. I have truly found my tribe and I love them in a way I can't quite describe. I have grown so much since I started listening to these meditations as they will raise your vibration in a tangible and potent way. So listen in if you are ready for change!

Submitted by Emily Aguero on 11/19/2019

My life has been transformed.

I joined The Alchemy Meditations because I wanted to be with others of a loving heart and I wanted to help in this transition we’re going through. I never guessed how my life would transform! The Alchemy so lovingly, energetically supports our physical bodies. Spiritually I feel like I’m being carried through my personal clearing. The road home is work, but with the Alchemy it’s so much easier. And! I get to witness the miracles, we co-create in Divine Service for Gaia, all her Kingdoms and Humanity!

Submitted by Bernice on 11/09/2019

Tuesday meditations

I join the free weekly meditations on Tuesdays (or sometimes I listen from recording, available on website). During the meditations I experience expansion, deep love, harmony. I feel the unity with Mother Gaia as well with our galactic friends. I am grateful and honored to be a part of the co-creation.

Submitted by Judit Kapuvari on 11/06/2019

A wonderful life

The Love and support of The Alchemy have changed my life for the greatest good. They do it in Gratitude as by joining their meditations, live or recorded, we are in highest level of service to Mother Gaia, to humanity, to ourselves.

Submitted by Araciel on 11/05/2019