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Submitted by Wendy on 01/02/2021

Empowering Experience!

Overall Rating

Pearl is kind, gentle and warm. My reading was enjoyable, and made a lot of sense. It confirmed what I have been feeling, and I feel empowered me to move forward to reach some personal goals.

There were eye-openiing moments for me, and a few emotional moments, too. I had a couple of very vivid dreams that night, and I woke up feeling honoured to have met Pearl. A wonderful experience that I plan to repeat. Thank you, Pearl

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Thank you note !

Thanks Pearl for the reading ! It was a wonderful reading experience with you. It helped me so much during this difficult time. Love you !

Submitted by Regine on 08/11/2020

Clarity of life's purpose

I have been struggling with finding my path forward for the past few years and pieces were beginning to clarify but my reading with Pearl gave me much needed confirmation and a significant new insight that helped everything fall into place. I didn't understand all the details during our session, but the key themes were definitely clear, and once I'd had time to go back over the recording, other details started to make sense. Pearl was professional, compassionate, insightful, and focused on results, not the clock. Thank you for your service!

Submitted by Karen W. on 05/02/2020

A Guiding Light in Times of Darkness

I first sought the spiritual guidance of Pearl when I was going through a very dark and confusing time in my life. Her reading was beyond accurate and gave me so much peace and hope for the future. Her guidance is kind, with zero bs, and she leaves you feeling uplifted and empowered even after the reading is over. She is a gifted visionary and her passion to help is evident every time I see her. I can’t recommend this talented and caring individual enough.

Submitted by Laura on 03/20/2020

Genuine Spiritual Healer & Advisor

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving readings from Pearl & Peter multiple times and am always in awe at the messages that come through her in terms of assisting me on my healing journey. Her messages and insights always resonate with my life journey and have helped to unlock ancestral healing that I otherwise would never have had access to. I refer to her often as a spiritual guide for life on this plane. She is genuinely passionate about healing others and this is very apparent when you sit with her for a reading. Thank you always for the healing you provide me Pearl & Peter!

Submitted by Emma on 03/03/2020