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Submitted by M.V. on 03/02/2021

Childbirth scarring

Overall Rating

I have had numerous surgeries the last few years. One from giving birth that caused me numbness and pain, especially during sex with my partner. After seeing Claire and having a vulva de-armouring session, I came back specifically for remediating the scar tissue from my episiotomy. She taught me how to massage the area myself and between seeing her and my home practice, I've slowly been regaining sensation back and able to relax my pelvic muscles.

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Performance anxiety

I saw Claire for sensual massage originally and then began seeing her regularly for help with performance anxiety. I felt disconnected from my masculinity but feel relief since working with her and practicing what she's taught me.

Submitted by Derek on 11/10/2020


She has magic hands, that's all

Submitted by Shaw on 10/23/2020

Not broken

She has been supportive through navigating my divorce and beginning to date again. I still got "it" as it were.

Submitted by Dmechanics on 10/23/2020

Five stars

I've known Claire for years and have seen her grow into herself as an educator and coach. I decided to work with her to get some feeling back into scar tissue after a couple of surgeries. I have better circulation now and can feel the area when it's touched versus numb or pain.

I don't know how many people know this is something she does but I think it was called scar tissue remediation.

Submitted by Teri on 10/23/2020

Recovering Monogomist

After my last relationship ended badly, I came across Claire's website and contacted her. I've been working with her all through the Summer to learn how to be more aware of what my body feels and wants. Highly recommend!

Submitted by Crystal on 10/23/2020

More than it seems

Thank you Claire! I have been looking forward to experiencing her massage and I must say I was delighted. Nobody has ever asked me how I want to be touched. Nor listened as intently to my body as she did! I will absolutely be booking again.

Submitted by Brian M. on 10/23/2020