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Posted By Wholistic Guidance with Maximilian on 01/21/2022

A free online portal focused on empowering you to take care of your own health and wellbeing through documentaries, podcasts, yoga exercises, online courses, cooking recipes and more.

Health is everything and knowing how to maintain our health or re-gain our health is key. It is this 'knowing-how' that I am grateful to be sharing with you in this free Health Portal. The focus with all the educational resources contained in the portal is energy, just as it is in my practice. Energy is the key to life, so it makes sense that we allow our knowledge to come from this understanding.

Free resources in the Health Portal include:
- Bioenergetic Cooking Recipes
- Movies and Documentaries
- Podcasts and Blogs
- Daily Health Tips
- Yoga Exercises
- Wellness eBooks
- Healing Music
- Online Courses

There are no strings attached. You have access to all these resources free-of-charge and for as long as you choose.


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