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Posted By Tulamyz Healing on 03/01/2021

You know that light, heart wide open feeling you have “sometimes”? You know the one…heart feels light, smile comes easy, shoulders are relaxed, face is bright, you feel content, you feel grateful, you feel optimistic, life feels like a gift, your energy feels strong, you feel rested, your mind is calm, your forehead and jaw aren’t tense, a laugh comes easily, you aren’t fretting about anything, the to-do list isn’t looming like a dark cloud … I want you to have any and all of these feelings way MORE often than you do! 

Biofield Tuning makes a strong, clear, path for these moments, feelings, and ways of living. I want this for you, I want this for me, and we can work on this together and enjoy it while it’s happening!

If you’re curious about Biofield Tuning or distance healing, I’m offering a FREE Biofield Tuning recorded audio session for download. Take a quick click to this link: FREE session page and you'll receive the digital download by email. The session is approximately 20 minutes long and you can listen to it as often as you like!

I call this sample session Energetic Stretch because I’m focusing on the energy below your feet and above the crown of your head, like when you reach your body long from head to toe and stretch!

I'd love to hear how the session was for you. Enjoy!

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