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Posted By Hilary Hraefn Porter on 09/07/2022

In the spirit of Community Acupuncture, these sessions are  way to help make healthcare accessible while also empowering you within your own personal healing journey.

:: Tune Up Tuesday ::

45 minute sessions :: sliding scale - $66 / $77 / $88

:: Last Tuesday of Every Month - 27 Sept :: Oct 25 :: Nov 29 :: Dec 27 ::

virtual via Zoom or in The Star Temple @ 550 - 290 Douglas St, Victoria BC (within Evergreen Business Services)

Perfect bite-sized sessions for you to reset, stay on coarse, and support your nervous system (aka de-stress!). 

Receive a booster pack of "you've got this" alongside guidance& vibrational healing to bring ease to your month. 

:: 3 session options ::

1 - Esoteric Acupuncture Sacred Geometry Template - 1

Open your Inner Vision and recognize your path in this go-around of learning as a star-dusted human. This Sacred Activation releases stagnant qi from the system allowing you access to make clear and aligned decisions. Through this activation, you begin to resonate with the higher thought forms and vibrations connected to the finer frequency of the Heart Field, bringing illumination to the planning of the next steps of your journey.

2 - puo'shk i'a ni Tameana :: Foundational Planes Chakra Alignment - 2

The power of Salush Nahi (the Sacred Triangle), ancient symbols, light language, and crystal activations. A mini-polish of the 7 Foundation Planes of your Existence, from your Root/Sa'da a to your Crown/Homaj taji through this ancient healing technology from the Stars. Blockages are removed from the energy fields and within all fractal layers, allowing for deep connection into all layers of Self. Working on all levels, with no linear time, all incarnations and ancestral lines, are accessed. Through the awakening of the I AM Seed in the Soul, it frees you from limiting concepts and ideas, summoning the Will within you to reach fulfillment while attracting transformational synchronicities.

3 - Transformational Matrix :: deep nervous system reset with tuning forks - 3

Through the current of the spine, through all the tendrils that feel the body from this central pillar, we come back to our homeostatic balance, our entire body and all organ systems brought into resonance. Through the activation of the Huo Tuo Jia Ji points along the spine with the healing vibrations of tuning forks, new energies and finer frequencies are brought into your Consciousness and integrated into your physical form as you experience a deep system reset.

(also known as "the cat nap", as dubbed by a client because you come out feeling just like you had a refreshing 20 minute kitten snooze!)

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