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Posted 04/24/2024 by Hilary Hraefn Porter

Circle of Illumination :: Full Moon Ritual + Plant Elixir Journey

The Star Temple 1500 Haultain St, Victoria, BC V8R 2K2
$33 / $44 / $55
Circle of Illumination :: Full Moon Ritual + Plant Elixir Journey
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7:30 PM
:: Circle of Illumination ~ Full Moon Ritual + Plant Elixir Journey ::~ monthly gatherings to awaken the Spirit & light the Sacred Path ~
Circle of Illumination is an educational + experiential journey to illuminate your way through the next lunar cycle.
It's a space to surrender into Self through the cycles of the moon and the wisdoms of the plant and crystal realms.
It's a place to rejuvenate your Spirit + renew / strengthen your relationship with the Sacred.
It's a moment to pause + reconnect to your Soul practice.

Each gathering we will learn about and journey with a Plant + Gem Elixir that celestially resonates with the moon and the current astrological sign it is in. There will be a teaching, a tasting, and a guided meditation as well as a 15ml bottle of the month's Plant-Gem Elixir for each participant to take home with them.

Space is limited to 6.

6p - 730p on the dates below. The Star Temple, 1500 Haultain St Victoria BC

:: Sliding scale :: $33 / $44 / $55 per gathering*includes 15ml Plant-Gem elixir to take home with you.

:: Registration ::SacredStarseedHealing.as.me or by email to Hilary.Hraefn.Porter@gmail.com
:: Dates ::

Wed 22 May :: Full Moon in Sagittarius
Plant-Gem Elixir :: Dandelion Flower + Jasper

Sat 22 June :: Full Moon in Capricorn
Plant-Gem Elixir :: Yarrow + Lapis Lazuli

Sun 21 July :: Full Moon in Capricorn
Plant-Gem Elixir :: Boneset + Turquoise

Tues 20 Aug :: Full Moon in Aquarius
Plant-Gem Elixir :: Lavender + Angelite

Tues 17 Sept :: Full Moon in Pisces
Plant-Gem Elixir :: Reishi + Amethyst

Tues 17 Oct :: Full Moon in Aries
Plant-Gem Elixir :: Verbena + Citrine

Fri 15 Nov :: Full Moon in Taurus
Plant-Gem Elixir :: Rosemary + Amber

Sun 15 Dec :: Full Moon in Gemini
Plant-Gem Elixir :: Skullcap + Agate