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SOUNDSCAPE SOUND JOURNEY - An Odyssey of Sound and Visualization

Private Sound Studio, Nanaimo Nanaimo, BC, Canada
$35 per person, max 4 ppl
SOUNDSCAPE SOUND JOURNEY - An Odyssey of Sound and Visualization
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6:00 PM
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7:00 PM

The Sound Journey Begins Here! 


?? Come alone or gather your small group of up to four persons for the purpose of relaxation & restoration using sound. You will be invited to enter a journey of sound to clear and welcome positive flow.Chrissandra is an accomplished musician and Certified Sound Healing Therapist who uses a variety of acoustic instruments, such as piano, Tibetan bowls, drums and her voice to alchemize the sound journey into a flowing experience.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“Chrissandra uses her voice in a deep, shamanic style that is warm, inviting and often challenging one to awaken a deeper sense of their being-ness”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For families, friends, colleagues and caregiving professionals.
BOOK and PAY HERE to reserve your spot: (3 spots left!)https://chrissandra.com/events/ongoingPlease pay $35 to chrissandra1@gmail.com or pay through the booking process link using your credit card 

Cosy and quiet for those who prefer smaller spaces. 

$35 per person, max 4 ppl - 1 hour

For friends, families, colleagues and caregiving professionals. 



Chrissandra Unger, ALCM, RTC, MA 

Registered Counsellor & Certified Sound Healing Therapist 

*Chrissandra is covered by Sun Life, Blue Cross & other insurance companies.