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Lisa Wieben Energy Healing and Somatics Reviews

Submitted by Leona on 04/08/2024

No more back pain!

After retiring, I started to increase my horseback riding practices. However, I struggled with the sitting trot and experienced lower back pain afterwards. Seeking answers, I turned to Lisa. In just one hour (a Somatics session), she identified the problem area and the muscle patterns involved that were causing me to "guard" my lower back. Lisa explained the reasons behind my pain in easy to understand terms and provided exercises for me to do at home to maintain the changes or to relieve future discomfort. Thanks to her expertise and passion my experiences with Lisa have been incredibly successful. I have finally found someone with a technique that truly works!

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What Lisa is offering is phenomenal!

By utilizing this unique healing modality based on ancient practices, Lisa has been helping me deal not only with health and emotional imbalances that arise, but also with the prevention of serious issues, if these imbalances were to continue. I am ALWAYS surprised at how well she reads my situation and how amazing I feel after a session. Not only do I appreciate the work she does during the appointment, but also the homework (self-care) she sends home with me. We are all energy and our bodies are capable of healing, sometimes we need to be gently reminded of this and Lisa does a fabulous job of doing this. I highly recommend Lisa and the work she is doing!

Submitted by Josie on 03/13/2024