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About Mystech Canada

Commonly known as the Schumann Resonance, 7.83Hz has been long studied for it’s positive effect on human physiology.  The pulse of the planet, this frequency is vital for the well-being of all natural life.  Unfortunately, man-made technologies generate unnatural frequencies that interfere with our resonance with 7.83Hz, causing distortion in our electrical system, and disrupting much of the proper functioning of our body.

For over ten years, Mystech has been developing and producing custom jewelry and products imprinted with 7.83Hz, supplying individuals with a personal, portable, and permanent source of this life-giving frequency.  Thousands upon thousands of individuals have benefitted from this Resonance Imprinting technology, with dozens of beneficial effects reported.

Recent testing has revealed just how powerful this technology is in mitigating EMF radiation exposure load in the human body.  Real-time testing using purpose-designed devices produced by Geovital yielded the following changes in the burden of body radiation load after just 15 minutes:

Magnetic:  53% reduction

High Frequency:  74% reduction

Electrical:  100% reduction

As our environment becomes ever-more saturated with EMF radiation, the time is now for accessible solutions to counter the effects of deleterious frequencies.  Mystech is that solution.  Head to for more information and to browse our selection of wearable protection.  Welcome to the Future!!

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