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Submitted by Dee on 01/04/2021

Will book a reading again!

Overall Rating

I booked a reading with Kayla after hearing about the positive experience my friend had with her! It was my first reading, so I had no idea what to expect. Within minutes, any hint of nervous butterflies disappeared. Kayla has such a calming presence, walking you through and explaining every step. It was wonderful! Truly can’t wait to book some time with her again. For those needing a push to try, here’s your encouragement!

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Life changing experience!

I stumbled upon Kayla's Facebook business page after seeing a post shared by a friend of mine. Being at a tough crossroads in my life, I decided to book a reading with her to see if she could provide me with some guidance and direction...and she gave me far more than that. My experience with Kayla was unlike anything I’d experienced. She was kind, funny, thoughtful with her approach and provided me with validation throughout my entire reading. Her gift is real and unmistakable. I’m so grateful to Kayla for giving me exactly what I needed and when I needed it most. I will most definitely see her again.

Submitted by Amy P on 03/01/2021

She's great!

My reading with Kayla was more than instructive - it was very detailed and inspiring! It's been a month since we had the reading, and I keep coming back to the areas she uncovered. Part psychic and part counsellor, she's a wonder spiritual guide - thanks, Kayla!

Submitted by Ian on 02/04/2020