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Healing Touch Reviews

Submitted by Ian on 08/28/2023

Feeling much better!

Lately there's been a bunch of stressors in my world, and it was pretty clear that some of it was collecting in different areas, especially my neck & back. It was great to see & feel how all that was after a session with Po. Her intuitive sense of where to do the work was amazing. I very much recommend you to her!

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Thank you for the treatment

I was talking to Po & mentioned that I was dealing with a persistent shoulder injury that was so painful that I couldn’t sleep at night. Po Lin told me that she’s trained in a non-invasive form of massage that reduces pain and accelerates healing. I was intrigued.

I was pretty skeptical, but my shoulder was really painful and I had nothing to lose.

Her calm confident & professional demeanor caused me to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment. I could actually feel things shifting in my shoulder and back. It was amazing. Po Lin is very intuitive and at one point asked me if I had pain in my low back. I hadn’t even told her about that but she confirmed it so she worked on that too.

It was a wonderful experience and the results were amazing. When we finished my shoulder had great mobility and zero pain! Ahhhh! The next morning my shoulder was aching slightly but with nowhere near the intensity I had been having before. Glad I gave it a try!

Submitted by Andrew on 08/31/2023