Intuitive Readings with Maureen Fontaine Reviews

Submitted by Stephanie Woods on 03/13/2021

Readings with Beautiful Maureen!

Overall Rating

I’ve had the absolute delight of doing readings with Maureen at pivotal times over the past four years, and they have all been just that: delightful, insightful, deep, meaningful and always with a comforting blanket of support (and) a healthy good kick in the butt when needed! Ha! What I love specifically about Maureen (although there are many things!) is that she has a very specialized ability to zoom out and give a vast broad cosmic picture, a reminder that we are all so very supported beyond what the eye can see, complimented by zooming in so very intricately to minute details, decisions, different paths to take and beyond. There is a motivating undercurrent to go bite the bullet, get out there, you are the powerhouse of your life! I always feel motivated, energized and supported with wonderful information and sensations. I keep coming back for more as life continues to unfold!

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Understanding and Perspective

I had a great reading from Maureen who helped me get clear about the next steps in my life. I appreciate her empathy and her straight forward attitude.
The perspectives she brought really helped me understand some aspects of my situation. I had a few ah ah moments! I highly recommend Maureen if you are feeling a little lost in some areas of your life. Maureen is very welcoming, friendly and very talented!

Submitted by Chantal Couve on 04/02/2020

Strong Intuition & Incredible Wisdom

I attended a Short 20-minute session with you today on Feb.16th, 2020.

As I walked away I felt a strong need to extend my sincere appreciation for a most enlightening session. I felt I wanted to stay much longer.

You truly deserve a meritorious award for your strong intuition and incredible wisdom.
You also have a warm way of delivering your message.

I have always been a skeptic and while you were reading my Tarot cards I immediately renewed my faith in your highly developed skills as a spiritual intuitive. “You struck a chord “ with many significant areas in my life.

You also provided me with gentle suggestions regarding follow through.

Wishing you continued success.

In appreciation, Rosalind

Submitted by Rosalind on 03/02/2020

Maureen is my go-to for readings!

I have been getting my readings done by Maureen for years! It’s always been more of a therapeutic session that always leaves me feeling better about my outlook on life. She’s my go-to when my energy is low and there’s nothing outwardly that can be seen that’s causing it. Love love love our sessions!

Submitted by Cynthia on 02/25/2020

A reading with spirit & guidance & joy

It's great to leave a reading with a smile... Maureen offers amazing insight, with details to support the direction her guidance suggests. Her warm and accepting manner helped me to hear some difficult things, and to start making changes. I hope you get a chance to get a reading with Maureen - I highly recommend her!

Submitted by Ian on 07/31/2019