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Becky Traptow; Therapeutic Bodywork and Parts Therapy (IFS) Reviews

Submitted by T. Hill on 04/08/2022

The pills didn't help

I started doing this work because pills didn’t help. I couldn’t live the way I was living and it not have negative consequences on my children. It started with “I’ll try this” without really knowing what it was or what to expect or what I was doing. After my first very powerful session, I was so curious to know more about myself and begin my journey to healing.

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Some of the benefits I've experienced in working with Becky

I've learned how to self regulate better, I have more compassion and acceptance for myself,  I know how to handle my anxiety and am much better at my self talk.  I've noticed a huge difference in my ability to handle things. I've gained more self awareness through doing the work. 

Submitted by J. Wheel on 04/08/2022