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Om Crystal Connector Reviews

Submitted by Anne Round on 03/11/2024

Pure love flowing with Maddisen

The Causal Realignment sessions are an amazing energetic detoxification of multiple layers of our beingness. Maddisen conducts the sessions with pure love flowing. My experience was healing into levels I have not reached previously. So grateful!

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A fit for my unique needs!

I recently experienced the caring structured healing of a crystal Causal Realignment session with Maddisen. I felt the invitation to  connect as we worked together to adjust the subtle aspects of my body, mind, emotion and energetics. I felt supported to do the work of releasing old pain patterns. I experienced this modality as a custom fit for my unique needs and would recommend you give it a try. Thank you, Maddisen!

Submitted by Halliday Walsh on 03/11/2024