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Dark Feminine Shamanic Ceremony Series

Vital Resonance Langford, BC Happy Valley, Langford, BC V9C, Canada Address will be sent at registration
$320 all four ceremonies or $120 individual
Dark Feminine Shamanic Ceremony Series
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recurs every 4 weeks
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10:00 AM
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5:00 PM

Dark Feminine Shamanic Ceremony Series

** this offering is now full**

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All workshops are 10 am - 5 pm. Held in Langford BC. 8 spaces available. 

A series designed to hold advanced healing and teachings for those seeking to move past the blocks and misguidings of the man-made world. This is about reclaiming the wisdom in the deepest caves of the earth. With the help of the old spirits, the grandmothers, the ancient healing ancestors, the well woman, and the animal mothers of owl, spider, wolf, and cat. We are unearthing these old ways of moving our magic and medicine into the world and unlocking our truth, voice, physical bodies, and dream time. No longer fearing the unknown but learning to navigate the darkest parts to reveal sacred truths that must come back into balance with the world. The whisperings are heard, become loud and clear, and are answered. Then the truth is held with care, and protected, and our sacred agreements to the earth, to ourselves, and this life are made unshakable.

Ceremony 1 ~ Ancestor Workshop : Meeting the Grandmothers and Entering the Night with Owl medicine (January 28th, Sunday, 2024) 

Ceremony 2 ~ Wolf Workshop : Wolf Skin & Initiation of the Cauldron  (Feb 24th, Saturday, 2024)

Ceremony 3 ~ Light Weavers Workshop : Welcome Back to the Web of Life (March 9th, Saturday, 2024)

Ceremony 4 ~ The Wayshower Workshop : The Vessel that Holds (April 6th, Saturday)

Let us navigate the cycles of death and rebirth together, in sacred circle, with these majestical compassionate Spirits guiding the way.