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Posted 03/27/2024 by The Cosmic Messenger

Total Solar Eclipse Gathering & Ceremony

The Star Temple 1500 Haultain St, Victoria, BC V8R 2K2, Canada
Sliding Scale: $55/$66/$77
Total Solar Eclipse Gathering & Ceremony
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7:00 PM
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9:00 PM

Encapsulate the sacred medicine of this monumental solar eclipse in Aries, with a frequency bath & light language activation spectacular.

This eclipse on April 8th is going to be a massive vibrational energetic shift & we have not had one like this since the mega activation in Aug 2017 = almost 7 solar years in the making.

Get ready in advance, so you can harness the celestial frequencies & multidimensional gateways that are preparing to open. This eclipse is going to be felt deep in the blood pathways of the human body + a realization that we have a collective galactic soul mission that has been knocked off course from the great fall of awareness.

Join starseeds: The Cosmic Messenger & Hilary Hraefn Porter - Multidimensional Healer for an evening of interstellar recalibrations & alignment of the morphogenetic fields so you can feel revitalized on a transdimensional level. They move around the room & offering custom divine healing modalities catered to your individual being + for the collective.

Sat, April 6th :: Inside The Star Temple :: 7pm - 9pm :: Victoria BC
5 Ultra Premium Spots = 3 have been reserved = 2 left
Sliding Scale: $55/$66/$77
Register: https://sacredstarseedhealing.as.me/gatherings

The experience includes: light language, universal life force energy, acutonics based tuning forks, vibrational elixirs, aura mist, sacred symbols, guided meditations, golden seeds, guided meditations, 5D crystals, quantum sound, lightcodes & so much more!