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Sound Healing with Narissa Young at Sea of Sound Vibroacoustic and Sound Therapy Reviews

Submitted by Devon Bennett on 06/29/2023

Affordable inner peace!

"As someone who works with sound myself I know it is important to stay in a high vibration to attract the good things that life has for us. After leaving the session the amount of meaningful coincidence that happened within a short period of time was absolutely unbelievable not to mention how you feel. I felt light and vibrant and soul well rested. I can't wait to go back!"

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Very informative workshop!

Very useful and packed not only with theory, but with easy practice exercises. It was fun, very friendly, with positive energy. It removed all my stress, and calmed my heart. Cleansing and harmonizing Aura and every cell is really happening during this class. I feel happy, in Peace and I gained a lot of energy. And I learned how to keep this feeling through using Tuning forks every day.

Submitted by Helena K on 02/26/2024

Great vibes!

I can’t say enough about my vibroacoustic sound therapy experience. It was so amazing!   Narissa is warm, friendly, and so knowledgable, and her consultation steered me onto the right path for finding my own answers to some health issues.  I recommend this therapy for anybody who wants to relax, zone out and then buzz with high energy. It awakens the mind and body on a deeper level.  Her  beautiful voice is also a lovely feature throughout the therapy.  You just gotta go and experience it, such a great feeling! I am really looking forward to my next session ?

Submitted by Louise Whyte on 01/12/2024

The experience was nothing short of transformative!

The information from the voice analysis was spot on. From there we did a sound therapy session that left me feeling grounded and calm. Later that day a profound sense of coming home to myself washed over me. I immediately booked the 6 session package. Narissa is knowledgeable and kind and provides ample take home advice to keep you balanced between sessions. 10/10 recommend

Submitted by K. Eglin - Acupuncturist, Nanaimo on 07/13/2023

Comfort in her presence and her healing space

"Narissa is the real thing and is providing leadership in using music, sound plus using the elements of vibratory and acoustics elements to help us heal. I felt drawn into my body as my cells bounced with the frequencies of vibroacoustics."

Submitted by P. Kane on 03/05/2023

Sound therapy inspired ease and confidence!

Since my session with Narissa my voice is so tuned I can sing with ease and confidence like never before. I also attended her tuning fork workshop and overall I am feeling much more centred and calm. You are a true inspiration. Thank you for your service to humanity. I for one am benefiting greatly.

Submitted by A. Turrell on 02/22/2023

Amazing Experience !

“My experience with Narissa & Sound Healing has been so amazing! Her professionalism and knowledge will have me recommending her to all my family and friends. The sound table and portable vibroacoustic pillow were so healing and peaceful that I will definitely be booking another session soon!”

Submitted by M. Joyce, Ladysmith on 02/01/2023