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Sound Healing with Narissa Young at Sea of Sound Vibroacoustic and Sound Therapy

Owner at Sea of Sound - Vibroacoustic and Sound Therapy
Nanaimo Canada

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Creating Conscious Connection with Sound

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About Sound Healing with Narissa Young at Sea of Sound Vibroacoustic and Sound Therapy

A lifelong musician and student I have always felt the power of music to transform and transport the performer and the audience. My desire for a deeper connection through sound and music led me to my studies in sound healing. Sound can be nourishing, soothing, transformative or troublesome. Knowing how to listen and helping others tune in to their own bodies and outward to the world around them opens many layers of communication and possibility for healing.

My specialty is Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) using targeted low frequencies applied directly to the body through a device. The studio is equipped with a sound table for this purpose, as well I have a business relationship with a manufacturer of other VAT devices such as pillows, mats, etc. 

Olav Skille - The inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy, found the correlation between specific frequencies and how it can help reduce stress and relieve anxiety  in different parts of the body. Skille also found that specific frequencies are effective insomnia remedies and natural pain killers that can help  treat people with symptoms. It also help boost vitality and mind clarity.

I also used tuning forks, voice, crystal bowls and other sound therapy instruments in sessions and love coming up with new ideas for protocols, talks, group sessions and workshops.

Sound as Nutrition by Narissa Young - 09/2022


What if we knew how good a sound was for us? And how to recognise when it’s not? I’m here to tell you that this field of sound we are immersed in all the time has profound effects on our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Just as we choose food to suit our needs, we can do the same with sound.

If our goal is to feel nourished, energized and on purpose, we must be aware of our sonic environment. 

At home: consider the sounds around you. Busy household or quiet? Appliance noise, television, computers, music…. Or maybe it’s quiet, in nature or you live alone.

Work environment: loud, difficult to concentrate perhaps? Machines, bells, buzzers, music coming through systems out of your control? Or do you work somewhere you have some control over your sonic space?

Social environment: where do you like to be? Dancing/singing, building, studying, exercising, indoors, outdoors, alone or with others?

From this notice which sounds you find helpful and which ones are not. What sounds do you reach for when you need to concentrate, be productive or to sleep or relax? We all know the effect of our favourite music, I’d like to take you beyond that.

Sound is affecting our systems and our lives 24/7 from before we’re born. Hearing is the first sense to develop in utero around 8 weeks. We hear our mother’s voice and inner workings, plenty of low vibrations from that inner world and the muted outer world sounds all affect our development.

Our nervous system interprets the sounds we hear and the ones we don’t (vibrations) to keep us safe. We are naturally drawn towards sound & vibration that is good for us ie. nature sounds, beautiful music, and away from sounds that may be a warning ie. loud or sudden noises, distressing voices, machinery.

The entire ⅓ posterior of the spinal cord is dedicated to sensing vibrations - the sounds we don’t hear with our ears.  In caveman times this kept us alive because we could “feel” the danger before we became the dinner! *also trust your “spidey senses” when you feel something is not right. You are picking up on an incoherent vibration. 

How do we use sound therapeutically and nutritionally?

First check your daily environment, make a list of all the things you hear and how you feel about them. That’s how you tell if they are good for you or not. Then change what you can. (download free Sound Journal here if you like)

A word about entrainment! 

We are designed at the cellular level to be coherent, rhythmic beings. Each cell has an ideal oscillatory rate and when that’s not right, the cell is not healthy.

When the nervous system is exposed to a consistent noise, frequency or sound it ADAPTS to it whether it’s good for you or not. It can also entrain to sounds that are beneficial so turn up the birdsong, ocean waves, classical music or whatever brings you JOY.

In the realm of resonance and entrainment the most consistent vibration (sound, frequency, a voice, an idea…) wins and will entrain those around it. 

Silence really is golden!

Just as we sleep through the night to give our digestion a rest it’s equally important to allow our nervous system to have a silent break too.

A story without breaks between the words or a song without rests between the note wouldn’t be so great would it? WE must rest too! We get so busy doing all the things, talking, listening, doing….Create space in your day whether it’s a meditation or just a quiet room for a few minutes and feel the immediate benefit of silence.

When you listen, listen on purpose. Music, talking, working. If you apply sound, frequency and music in a therapeutic way it can be as good as changing your diet to whole foods instead of junk. Sound therapy uses many tools, instruments like crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, chimes, drums, rattles, voice, music, nature sounds and my favourite -  low frequency Vibroacoustics which are applied directly to the body through a device like a sound therapy table or cushion.

So…. What are you listening to? How does it feel? Can you change it?

Narissa Young is a musician and certified Sound & Vibroacoustic Therapy Practitioner in Nanaimo BC, Canada.  Offering one on one sessions in Nanaimo, & workshops on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Eager to share her passion for sound healing, vibroacoustics, music and the art of listening she is a confident speaker and group leader.

Sound Healing with Narissa Young at Sea of Sound Vibroacoustic and Sound Therapy Reviews

Submitted by Helena K on Monday, Feb 26, 2024

Very informative workshop!

Very useful and packed not only with theory, but with easy practice exercises. It was fun, very friendly, with positive energy. It removed all my stress, and calmed my heart. Cleansing and harmonizing Aura and every cell is really happening during this class. I feel happy, in Peace and I gained a lot of energy. And I learned how to keep this feeling through using Tuning forks every day.

Submitted by Louise Whyte on Friday, Jan 12, 2024

Great vibes!

I can’t say enough about my vibroacoustic sound therapy experience. It was so amazing!   Narissa is warm, friendly, and so knowledgable, and her consultation steered me onto the right path for finding my own answers to some health issues.  I recommend this therapy for anybody who wants to relax, zone out and then buzz with high energy. It awakens the mind and body on a deeper level.  Her  beautiful voice is also a lovely feature throughout the therapy.  You just gotta go and experience it, such a great feeling! I am really looking forward to my next session ?

Submitted by K. Eglin - Acupuncturist, Nanaimo on Thursday, Jul 13, 2023

The experience was nothing short of transformative!

The information from the voice analysis was spot on. From there we did a sound therapy session that left me feeling grounded and calm. Later that day a profound sense of coming home to myself washed over me. I immediately booked the 6 session package. Narissa is knowledgeable and kind and provides ample take home advice to keep you balanced between sessions. 10/10 recommend

Submitted by Devon Bennett on Thursday, Jun 29, 2023

Affordable inner peace!

"As someone who works with sound myself I know it is important to stay in a high vibration to attract the good things that life has for us. After leaving the session the amount of meaningful coincidence that happened within a short period of time was absolutely unbelievable not to mention how you feel. I felt light and vibrant and soul well rested. I can't wait to go back!"

Submitted by P. Kane on Sunday, Mar 05, 2023

Comfort in her presence and her healing space

"Narissa is the real thing and is providing leadership in using music, sound plus using the elements of vibratory and acoustics elements to help us heal. I felt drawn into my body as my cells bounced with the frequencies of vibroacoustics."

Submitted by A. Turrell on Wednesday, Feb 22, 2023

Sound therapy inspired ease and confidence!

Since my session with Narissa my voice is so tuned I can sing with ease and confidence like never before. I also attended her tuning fork workshop and overall I am feeling much more centred and calm. You are a true inspiration. Thank you for your service to humanity. I for one am benefiting greatly.

Submitted by M. Joyce, Ladysmith on Wednesday, Feb 01, 2023

Amazing Experience !

“My experience with Narissa & Sound Healing has been so amazing! Her professionalism and knowledge will have me recommending her to all my family and friends. The sound table and portable vibroacoustic pillow were so healing and peaceful that I will definitely be booking another session soon!”

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