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Arlene Mills, Spiritual Medium Reviews

Submitted by Rachel S on 03/12/2024

exceeded all my expectations

I got the pleasure to have Arlene for my first ever medium reading. I have had a lot of loss in my life and Arlene was able to connect with all family members. She was the most genuine and honest. She connects to the spirit world from her soul. I would highly recommend Arlene for anyone

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Arlene is amazing!

Arlene is amazing! Her compassion, warmth and genuine ability to connect with my loved ones blew me away. What she conveyed in my reading was just spot on. I went in a bit of a skeptic but came out a true believer. Highly recommend!!

Submitted by Laurel A on 03/12/2024

Wonderful, positive reading

Arlene gave such a wonderful, positive reading for me. She was spot on with so many things. It was a very uplifting experience with so many helpful suggestions. It was wonderful.

Submitted by Pamela H on 03/12/2024

Simply amazing...

Two weeks ago I had a blended reading with Arlene that was beyond what I could have hoped for. My main objective was to hear from my Mom. I did not tell Arlene who I wanted to speak with, or anything about myself. My Mom did come through, along with my aunt (which caused some confusion at first, as they’re quite different ????). Arlene’s articulation of my Aunt was spot on. However, the most amazing part of the reading was when Arlene randomly started talking about an item (which had gone missing). She described the item, how I’d acquired it, where I kept it and what happened to it. I was (and still am) completely blown away by the details Arlene described, which can only be attributed to how skilled she is. I can’t recommend Arlene highly enough, you will not regret booking with her.

Submitted by Tess D. on 10/05/2022

The connection I was looking for!

This was my first reading with a Medium, and I didn’t really know what to expect.
I went in with a somewhat hesitant heart and left with more than I could have imagined.
Arlene provided the connection I was looking for and completely reshaped my faith.
She was so respectful and kind and it felt very comfortable and natural spending time with her.
She was honest and made her intentions very clear. I had a lot of questions that she gracefully answered in a way to educate. I’m so extremely grateful. Thank you Arlene! :)

Submitted by Care M. on 10/05/2022

I was absolutely in awe of Arlene!

I had a reading with Arlene recently, which I was absolutely 'in awe' of! Her accuracy and 'bull's eye' intuitive gifts and abilities amazed me..truly! ( And I have had many readings over the years from other intuitives/psychics!). However, Arlene's insights are on a whole other level. Plus, she presented and exuded a wonderfully positive and authentic 'energy'. I will certainly be scheduling another session with her in the future. You will not be disappointed!

Submitted by Colleen K. on 10/05/2022

A genuine gift :)

Arlene is a wonderful compassionate soul, she has a genuine gift and what a blessing to have this experience. Thank you so much for your time and special words of healing. I am forever grateful

Submitted by Kelsey Hodgson on 02/11/2022

Arlene is definitely my favorite!!

I was lucky enough to attend sessions or be myself in sessions with mediums in the past and even now, but my session with Arlene was definitely my favorite. She is positive, she shares the information with a smile, with energy, she is honest, well, in my opinion, she is beyond great. I truly felt the connection between the spirit, herself and myself and I got all answers I wanted and even more. I do understand why she has five stars, I wish I could add a 6th.

Submitted by Lyvio Talcone on 02/11/2022

Most Revealing Experience I've Ever Had!

Arlene is simply amazing, I had never had a read done by a medium before and I wanted so desperately to communicate with my dead sister whom I love dearly after getting what I perceived to be a sign from her. I was a skeptic but I thought I should give it a shot and believe me I am so grateful I did. After connecting with Arlene and have her do a read I believe in the spirit world and soul more so now than I ever did. She told me things about my sister that no one would know but me. What fascinated me the most was the three way communication going on between Arlene, me and my dead sister. A lot of questions got answered I was awe struck. I have to rank this as one of the most revealing experiences I have ever had in my life. Thank you Arlene!

Submitted by Donna Speed on 01/12/2022

Impeccable accuracy!!

I was fortunate today to be chosen by arlene for a reading and have to admit she was so much more than what i ever expected .. Its not every day that u get to share almost an hour with a loved one ...arlene was absolutely AMAZING ! EVERYTHING WAS RIGHT ON THE MONEY ...HER ACCURACY WAS IMPECCABLE!!! ...no one on this earth could describe my friend wayne ...he was such a unique individual ...and the way she spoke of him and the way he came through i knew there was no question of her genuineness....she spoke of specific details only i or he would know ...her reading left me speechless and awestruck ....so much validation and confirmation ...so many questions answered ...pain guilt and much weight lifted ...the way she delivered what he was saying ....i laughed i cried i felt loved and got words i so needed to hear ....i am going to bed tonight feeling peace in my heart and a great weight lifted from my shoulders ...miss arlene i cannot thank u enough

Submitted by Lisa D. on 07/14/2021

Connected me with loved ones

This was such an insightful and amazing experience! I got some great insight on the future and was able to connect with two much loved family members. Really warmed my heart. Thanks Arlene!!!!

Submitted by Danielle A. on 07/14/2021

Can’t make these things up!

Arlene was amazing! Very gentle soul and so warm and welcoming. I felt so comfortable the whole time. She touched on things I truly was worried and anxious about regarding my career and relationship. She also picked up on a passed over friend of mine from high school and brought tears to my eyes. I enjoyed hearing from him so much !! I’m not a skeptic by nature but even if I was her attention to details of certain things and places was impeccable, and the only thing I ever said to her was “ yes , no or idk” can’t make these things up !!! Thanks so much Arlene ! Book with her ASAP!  

Submitted by Courtney F. on 03/26/2021

The reading was awesome and spot on...

Thank you so much for crossing over for me. You reading was awesome and spot on. It was was wonderful connecting. It is amazing how you can connect even with me being thousands of miles away from you. Namaste. Much love Martienet from South Africa

Submitted by Martienet S. // South Africa on 03/24/2021

Established my trust...

Arlene was so accurate in her reading and surprised me with how she saw things in my future that I had already seen myself. I was thankful I got clarity around situations that had been confusing me. Arlene established my trust as I have had numerous readings over the years and know that not everyone’s as gifted or ethical as Arlene is. Arlene is the real thing with a genuine gift. I found her to have a generous, giving spirit with an authentic desire to be of service to others. I’m grateful I came across her profile on the Spirit of Victoria website and I highly recommend her. I know I look forward to developing my own intuitive gifts and having more readings with Arlene Mills.

Submitted by Kim S. on 02/03/2021

Reading she gave was bang on!

I had an amazing experience with Arlene. The reading she gave was bang on and left me feeling wonderful and speechless. I also got to connect with important people from my life that have passed. I highly recommend!!!!

Submitted by Kassy A. on 02/03/2021

So on point with an awesome personality

Arlene, thank you so much for my psychic and mediumship reading, they were both so much on point it was amazing! I am so grateful to have gotten a reading done from you and I highly recommend you , you have such an awesome personality and very professional and I cannot thank you enough for the reading.

Submitted by Stephanie S. // Palmdale, Ca, Usa on 01/06/2021

Extremely gifted!

When I find myself doubting my connection to Spirit and who I call God, my faithful Guides send me the most amazing gift, wrapped up in a beautiful soul called Arlene. Spirit brought me to Arlene at exactly the perfect time and my time with her was indeed magical. I know, perhaps cliche… but there is no better word to describe our session. Arlene’s accuracy and delivery left me without words. Even those moments where she was clearly delivering tough love, were wrapped in such a caring energy, it made the guidance clear like water and all of a sudden, so simple to digest. Arlene is extremely gifted, her energy is youthful and lively, and she is an absolute joy to spend time with. I am confident that anyone who happens upon Arlene and her many gifts, would benefit from a reading. Not only will you be thrilled by her accuracy and guidance, but as a bonus you will have the opportunity to receive some of her amazing energy. Thank you Arlene.

Submitted by Adalina A. on 01/06/2021

Professional in every aspect...

I had a sitting with Arlene, she did some psychic and some medium reading. She absolutely saw the things that have happen and the spiritual path I am on. She also connected to both my grandparents and saw other spirit family members around me that know the blessings I do for our lineage. She described things from both of my grandparents that I would know and understand. She was a professional in every aspect and her energy felt clean. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to sit with her. Thank you!!

Submitted by Maryory. R on 12/30/2020

SO accurate and genuine

Arlene was so accurate and genuine. I was truly blown away. She honestly connected with my grandparents and the message from them was beautiful. Arlene spent so much time with me after the reading teaching me things that I was so interested in. She has a passion for what she does and her earnest desire to help others definitely shows. She is a lovely person. I completely trust her.

Submitted by Elizabeth K. on 12/21/2020

Spot on comforting reading

Arlene did an amazing job during my reading! She was spot on from the get go. She really has the ability to read what’s in your heart, and that was so comforting.

Submitted by Mattie F. // Kansas, Usa on 12/21/2020

An exceptional reader!

Arlene is an exceptional reader! She answered questions I had without even knowing the questions. I’ve been a reader for 20 years, (all readers know we can’t read for ourselves). Arlene did not guess or question any of the information she was telling me. She was able to explain In great detail. There are too many people in this world who give misinformation and cause harm to a person’s life. She understands how a reading effects a person and makes sure the information is given from the highest and best. She is the real deal! Thank You Arlene!

Submitted by Pamela L. // Deltona, Florida, Usa on 12/14/2020

Creates an authentic connection

I feel fortunate to have received a reading with Arlene today. I was amazed by the sheer amount of accurate and insightful information she was able to provide. Arlene saw clearly into many aspects of my life, and she gave excellent validation of communication with my loved ones in spirit. I typically jot everything down during a reading, but SO much detailed information flowed through in my session with Arlene, my pen had a hard time keeping up! Arlene brings lightness and joy to the experience. She is warm, upbeat, compassionate and professional. She goes above and beyond to create an authentic connection with her clients as well as their loved ones in spirit. My sincere thanks to you, Arlene.

Submitted by Janice G. // California, Usa on 12/14/2020