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Cassidy the Cardslinger Reviews

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 10/11/2023


“Amazing! Thank you so much for such a well defined reading, and putting your passion into your work. You have a wonderful gift for reading the cards! Hat's off to you Cassidy :)” -E October 2023

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Amazing Reading

“She picked up on exactly what was going on, truly an amazing reading thank you so much!” -Amanda T, December 2023

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 12/14/2023

So on point!! You're Amazing!

"Omg that was so on point!! Thank you for the confirmation!! The reading resonated so much. You're amazing!" - Jessica M. Nov 2 2023

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 11/02/2023

Thank you so much

“Thank you so much for your time that day <3 The reading I received and your warm & welcoming energy is something I will never forget” - KBK September 29 2023, Mind Body Spirit Fair

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 09/29/2023


“Seriously an EXCELLENT reader!! Kind, compassionate, caring and accurate!! Thank you!” - Shantae Aug 17 2023

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 08/26/2023

Totally on point

"Just had my second reading with Cassidy and she was totally on point! Last time what you predicted happened just as you said. Looking forward to my next reading, Thank you!" - LV May 2023

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 05/17/2023

Hits ALL of the nails on the head!

"I have been getting readings with Cassidy for over four years now and I am constantly blown away by her accuracy. She hits ALL of the nails on the head! I asked about many different people in different situations and she read them like books! She provided the most detailed answers to my questions and very specific guidance. (I spent a good portion of the reading chuckling because I really couldn't believe she was saying the things she was saying!) Truly an amazing reader! Thank you so much Cassidy" -BC December 2022

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 12/30/2022

Such a Deep Sense of Knowing in You

“Cassidy thank you so much for the reading. There was such a deep sense of knowing from you. You hit how I was feeling exactly on the head - even the parts I didn’t know how to describe myself. Take care”

- Steph, May 17th 2022

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 05/17/2022

Right on the Money!

“I came for a reading a few months back when I was looking for work and had accepted an offer at a new position. Fast forward to now and things played out exactly as you said. You were right on the money! I listened to your advice regarding how to approach the situation and I am happy to report the position is now just what I was looking for. I am still amazing by the detail and accuracy of your reading. Thank you so much!” - BN

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 05/10/2022

You're a Diamond!

"You must have sensed my praises (I’ve been talking about our wonderful night all week!! :) We all really needed some spiritual uplift …thanks again to you for your easy going manner and excellent card reading, everyone was extremely pleased.I have given your website info to a few coworkers so hopefully they contact you! Also I will book another group read in a couple months! Thanks again so much, Cassidy you're a diamond!" - Lori, Private Event February 22 2022

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 04/02/2022

Connected to exactly how I was feeling

“Thank you for the live reading today. I knew right away when I saw the cards that you were connecting to exactly how I was feeling. I had just made a comment to my husband about exactly what you said in the reading. So spot on. Thank you again I needed to hear it from a third party and I got that message !!“ - Bella G. Nov 28 2021

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 11/28/2021

Truly Remarkable

"Thank you! You are truly remarkable. I was just talking to someone tonight before the reading about what you picked up on! I felt so stuck and couldn't make this decision alone... your guidance is immensly helpful. Ty so much!" - Alese

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 10/28/2021

Completely Amazing!

“Cassidy, You are completely amazing!!! Thank you so much!!! I didn’t know what to say at first because I was in complete shock!!! Your reading was so spot on. The fact it was for my ex and you nailed it is just awesome! Thank you so much again!!!” - Whitney September 18 2021

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 09/20/2021

Very Accurate & Gifted Reader

“ Thank you so much Cassidy I really enjoyed this unique reading and I will definitely keep in touch and let you know what happens. It was a pleasure meeting you. You really nailed me in the beginning of the reading, very accurate. You are a very gifted reader and a lovely lady. I will definitely book with you again. Thank you, Patti ” — September 13, 2021

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 09/14/2021

You’re Amazing!

“ Cassidy , thank you so much for my reading tonight. It was incredibly helpful and I’ve now updated my notes with your suggestions! There’s no doubt that a properly done Tarot Reading can really benefit so much . Thanks again, you’re amazing x” - Mandy

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 09/07/2021

I can’t thank you enough, always so spot on!

“ Thank you so much Cassidy! You’re always so spot on with every reading and this reading today was exactly what I needed and confirmed so many things for me. You connected in so well with my energy and read the situation perfectly, just confirming my intuitive senses about the whole situation overall. I can’t thank you enough, you’re a wonderful person, extremely personable and I hopefully will have an amazing update for you sooner than later

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 07/23/2021


"Hey Cassidy, my reading was SPOT ON!!! I almost got teary eyed watching it! I saved the video because it's amazing! Thank you sooo much :) It helps with my feelings of the transition I'll be going through very soon!" - Heather N.

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 07/14/2021

Amazing Reading!!

"Thank you so much for slinging cards for me and answering my questions. As you picked up on, lately I have been feeling very disconnected. I feel like you were speaking to my soul! Thank you so much for this amazing reading!" - Joy M. June 30 2021

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 06/30/2021

Another Great Reading!

“Thanks Cassidy for another great reading!    Each reading is a further investment in my well being, peace of mind, and obviously my future, and so very well worth it! Grateful to have met you here and look forward to talking with you again.  I've been privileged to meet some very gifted individuals and you are right there on point with each card you turn.  My latest reading helped qualify and quantify that I am on the right path to finding my way.  Your readings always help build my confidence because I know there is simply honesty being dealt.  I truly admire how you are able to pull together the totality of the reading in a positive light. The difficulties of life in general can make vision dim and dark, sometimes it just takes a little light in a different direction to open up that path.  It seems to me you always find that sliver of positivity.  Appreciate you much!”- Jakeson P. April 2021

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 04/15/2021

Absolutely amazed

I had my first reading with Cassidy today and I will absolutely be booking with her again. It was as if she was reading my mind, she knew things about my situation that I didn't even think would come up as I thought they would be too specific or obscure. I have gained so much comfort and ease after my reading, and I thank her for her wonderful guidance! 

Submitted by Samantha Fay on 03/28/2021

Professional, Extremely Knowledgeable & Intuitive - Highly Recommend

I‘m delighted that I chose to do a tarot reading with Cassidy. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable and intuitive, and goes the extra mile to be sure your questions are addressed. Her lovely personality and enthusiasm for her craft are a value added experience and I appreciated that she is a straight shooter. Cassidy took time to understand my questions and intent for the reading to ensure she chose the right spread that would most match my query. As I am intuitive myself with some knowledge of Tarot, I have great radar for authenticity.  I was very pleased to learn just how much Cassidy knows her stuff. It‘s clear she is genuinely engaged with her intuitive self and Tarot. I was grateful for the clarity and confirmation that I received on a number of issues and it was magical how accurate the reading was in regards to me specifically.  I highly recommend a reading with Cassidy.  Thanks Cassidy for being a trustworthy source of guidance. - Kim

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 03/23/2021

Amazing reading - Spot on!

Wow! What an amazing reading - thank you so so much! It certainly did speak volumes in terms of my next steps.There were so many things you were spot on about - and your timeline was 100% in line with what I was thinking!It was such a lovely reading, thank you so so much! I really do appreciate it!- Kathy E., February 2021

Submitted by Kathy E on 03/01/2021

Brilliant Experience

I have had two readings with Cassidy and she is brilliant. I love her energy and her way of delivering the message. She is insightful and you can feel her enthusiasm in the energy around her. She is a knowledgeable reader and she is honest in her readings. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for insight.

Submitted by Lisa Wong on 02/04/2021

Hit The Nail On The Head!

"Thank you so much for my reading Cassidy -- Wow you hit the nail on the head! Definitely looking forward to the future to see what happens. Thank you so much!!" - Phalynne

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 02/01/2021

Spot On accurate!

"Thank you for the great reading, it was spot on accurate and inspiring! So excited for what's ahead, thank you for your time and energy!!

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 01/09/2021

Amazing Reader - SO ACCURATE

"Cassidy is an amazing reader. She was able give me detailed information about my situation and tell me all about what motivated the actions of the individual involved. She was SO ACCURATE and I can't wait to get another reading from her." - Crystal B. Jan 2021

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 01/09/2021

Truly an amazing experience

"Cassidy, it was so awesome having a reading from you. Your warmth and caring touch really shone through, that truly was an amazing experience. Thank you again!" - Pregashni Nov 2020

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 11/29/2020

Helpful, Enlightening & Spot On Insights

"Dear Cassidy,
Thank you for your helpful, enlightening, spot on insights that validated my experience! and even explained it better than I could! And thanks for all of your time and the extension of time for me to get all the details.
I appreciate the recording!
Thanks, Trish" Nov 2020

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 11/14/2020

Her Accuracy Amazed me!

Over an extended period of time, I have now enjoyed 3 readings with Cassidy - each different - one lengthy and comprehensive, one more intermediate in depth, and yet another that was very to the point, nearly a yes/no but with timing involved. I have found Cassidy incredibly positive, personable, and confident. I am always at ease even if my concerns are stressful. Her card knowledge and style of reading help bring that answer I simply cannot reach by myself. I typically seek guidance when my field of vision has narrowed so much that I've lost my perspective on a situation, or when guidance from someone not in the midst of my stress is absolutely necessary. I also appreciate that Cassidy can tackle a pointed yes/no issue and with ease move on to much more complicated issues. Cassidy's accuracy amazed me with our very first reading, and has not dimmed as my issues have taken on more depth. I am grateful to Cassidy, she is such a great card reader!

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 11/06/2020

Bang-on Reader!

“You are such a bang-on reader and the experience was very rewarding for some straight talk. I got everything out of it one could hope. I’d be happy to recommend you to anyone and to revisit myself. Deep gratitude for your focus and devotion with sharing this knowledge.” - Stacey

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 09/29/2020


"Thank you so much for the reading. It was crazy ACCURATE. I know that no matter how it turns out, I will be at peace and okay with it. Thank you, and GOD BLESS!"

- April, July 2020

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 08/06/2020

So spot on! Brought me to tears!

“This reading was so spot on and emotional for me thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I am so grateful for your kindness and time and energy you are so sweet! I resonate so much with your reading, it brought me to tears. I am so thankful for you again, blessings to you"

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 08/06/2020

Highly Recommend

"I highly recommend Cassidy for gaining clarity and positive outlook on present , past and future. Everything she said resonated very well. She invests her dedicated time and knowledge in every reading and also gives you preview on how the reading with be done that was the best part. Also she gives personal attention and time on to discuss and hear out your views. She picked up perfectly with my current situation and the person in reference. She motivates and guides you with her tools I loved her knowledge and passion on doing my consultation. Definitely worth it 100% satisfied!"
-Nikita V
June 14 2020

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 07/18/2020

In Tears!

I’m so thankful for your guidance reading today. It was very encouraging.
Reminded me that I’m on the right path, to stay analytical, less emotional, and that I will be victorious in the end.
You were SOOO spot on with my Relationship reading!!
You also gave me SO much hope for the future too. I’ve been in limbo lately about it, and I am now in tears and so thankful for your advice and insight. THANK YOU!!
You are a sweetheart! Thank you so much.

-Amanda D.
July 6 2020

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 07/06/2020

So Accurate!

Thank you so much for your positive energy. You just put me in such a good mood. What you read for me was so on point so accurate as if you knew what was going on in my life . I want to thank you for your time patience , effort and energy . God Bless
-Rosie G.
July 6 2020

Submitted by Cassidy The Cardslinger on 07/06/2020