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'What your eyes cannot behold, your heart sees with great clarity.'

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Estevan Avenue, Oak Bay
Victoria, V8R 2T1
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Certified Holistic Life Coach - Alan Cohen Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching
Certified Medium - James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts

About Channelling & Mediumship with Sheila

It is my sincere pleasure to be of service to you in my role as a channeller, a certified medium and as an holistic life coach. Mine is a journey of joy, which I know is a journey to truly be shared with others. I refer to myself as a 'creative intuitive', simply meaning that throughout my life I have experienced my spiritual growth and developed my intuitive gifts through many forms of creativity: music, art, writing, to name a few. I regard self-expression to be a vital element on the path to knowing yourself: to finding peace, healing and unconditional love. Whether you wish to form more meaningful relationships with your Spirit Guides through the process of automatic writing, desire to re-connect with a loved one now residing in the world of Spirit through a personal Spirit Reading or want to invite more creativity into your life through my Re-discover Your Magic Creativity workshop; I can assist you in opening yourself to a more fulfilling life experience. 

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Channelling & Mediumship with Sheila Reviews

Submitted by Healing Touch on Monday, Apr 24, 2023

Such a delight

It was truly a treat to spend some time and have a session with Sheila She was very warm and the session i had with her helped me have some closure and to see that i can now begin a new journey with the new found information i was given So fantastic to have met Sheila ????????

Submitted by Channelling & Mediumship With Sheila on Thursday, Apr 20, 2023

Spirit Reading with Sheila

Sheila was wonderful! Not only did she provide a very relaxed supportive environment, she was also able to provide me with specific and definitive signs that my old friend was present, was engaging with us and reliving wonderful past experiences that we shared together as friends. Our session together gave me clarity and peace of mind to realize that my old friend truly remembered me and our friendship and was at peace and happy to know I had contacted him and that he was remembered.  Ray ~ Victoria, B.C.

Submitted by Lisa HL on Wednesday, Feb 15, 2023

An Uplifting Channeling

Several months ago I met with Sheila to see if she was able to connect with my dad, who had passed in a plane crash 22 years ago. He had been flying solo in a glider in the Rocky Mountains, and there were many questions around the crash and attempted rescue. Sheila provided information that accurately identified him physically, through his interests, and his personality. It was a lovely session and another beautiful example of our connection with spirit. Thank you, Sheila, for giving me that time with my dad.

Submitted by Lisa HL on Wednesday, Feb 15, 2023

Wonderful Life Coaching Sessions

I met with Sheila several times these past few months for some life guidance. Sheila's warmth and compassion and beautiful energy immediately come through. She is gifted at asking the right questions, giving one unhurried time to reflect and respond, and most importantly, she really listened and connected with me, and offered beautiful spiritual and practical guidance.

Submitted by Carolyn Armstrong on Friday, Feb 03, 2023

Very Helpful Reading

Sheila is a gifted medium. She channeled my dad who was not a good dad. Now that he is in spirit he can see the harm and damage he caused. He owned some of his shortcomings which he would never have done when he was alive. The reading brought greater perspective on things and made him more human. It's a difficult thing to work through but the reading was very insightful. I feel a shift in my position on the issue.

Submitted by Channelling & Mediumship With Sheila on Wednesday, Feb 01, 2023

Wonderful Spirit Reading with Sheila

"Oh my goodness! What a fun time I had reconnecting with my very good friend Mary through a spirit reading with Sheila. Mary passed a number of years ago but did not hesitate to drop in for a visit when Sheila began the session. Mary provided through Sheila numerous reminders which allowed the two of us to reminisce the many humorous memories we shared together in the past. I laughed till I cried and was left with such a warm reassurance that Mary is just a moment away on the other side of the veil. Sheila is an extremely gifted evidentiary medium with a deep compassion and empathy for her clients on both sides of the veil. Her extensive training has prepared her well to share her beautiful gifts with her clients. I am so grateful to have introduced my old friend Mary with my new friend Sheila." Sandy ~ Victoria, B.C.

Submitted by Jeff From Austin, Texas on Friday, Jan 13, 2023

An Amazing Spiritual Experience

Sheila connected me with two spirits from my past. I was a little skeptical, but Sheila was able to bring up things that only me and the departed would have known! She set up a calm, loving atmosphere, and used coaching techniques to answer questions that I had. Through the experience I was able to heal with one spirit who left this earthly realm in an untimely fashion, and have my questions answered. She brings a calmness and joy to her readings and you can tell she enjoys what she is doing. I highly recommend a session with her!

Submitted by Nancy on Sunday, Jan 08, 2023

spirit reading

I had such an interesting reading with Sheila. I didn't know what to expect but with Sheila's kind and open manner, it was such a pleasure. She saw information I could certainly relate to. It was nice to know the person she got in touch with is happy and content.

Submitted by Cathi Robinson on Wednesday, Jan 04, 2023

AvWonderful Spiritual Experience

I had a spiritual reading with Sheila and it was so enjoyable and heart warming to be with my Mom, 12 years after her passing. I felt her presence and it was reassuring to know that she was there. Sheila described her to a T. I look forward to more readings with Sheila to delve even deeper. Because Sheila is such a gifted intuitive and such a pleasure to be with, I would highly recommend her so that you too can connect with your love ones.

Submitted by Angela Guimbarda on Sunday, Jan 01, 2023

Spirit session

I had the great opportunity to do two separate spirit sessions with Sheila. She is so kind and loving that I felt right at ease with her. She connected me with passed loved ones and it felt like I was reliving those moments all over again. It was amazing. She mentioned some things during the reading that where spot on. My heart was filled with tenderness, and beautiful memories I had forgotten. Most of all, I left with such a sense of peace after both sessions.

Submitted by Channelling & Mediumship With Sheila on Saturday, Dec 31, 2022

Spirit Reading with Sheila

Recently I had the fortune to have Sheila Smedley do two spirit readings with me. Altogether Sheila connected with three different spirits who each had played important roles in my life and whom I all loved very much. In each case it was clear that each one of the spirits had come to Sheila and shared with her details of their lives on earth the truth of which I could confirm. In one case there even was a specific message to me which was most amazing. Even though I had often been thinking of these three people whom I used to be close with in their lives, ever since the spirit readings with Sheila they have been with me very closely. I can sincerely recommend to anyone who is interested to do a spirit reading with Sheila. She truly has the gift. Thank you again, Sheila, for these very special experiences. Beate ~ Schorndorf, Germany

Submitted by Channelling & Mediumship With Sheila on Friday, Dec 30, 2022

Channeling Workshop with Sheila

I had a lovely afternoon with Sheila, doing the automatic writing course. I am looking forward to building on my writing practice and connecting more with Spirit on a regular basis. Sheila is a really gentle, joyful and loving leader, guiding people (back) towards our highest and most loving selves. Dinah ~ Victoria, B.C.

Submitted by Channelling & Mediumship With Sheila on Friday, Dec 30, 2022

Spirit Reading Session with Sheila

I really enjoyed doing a spirit reading with Sheila. I left feeling so warm and peaceful after being able to connect with my Grandma. A lovely reminder of how loved and surrounded we are at all times. Dinah ~ Victoria, B.C.

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